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Prayer of protection and peace to Oggún in times of conflict

Prayer Oggun peace

To the great warrior of the Yoruba Pantheon Oggun, protector of those who start the spiritual path in the Rule of the Ocha or Santeria, we ask for strength, bravery and courage to go through difficult times.

Above all, in the midst of the conflicts and wars that humanity faces today, it is essential for devotees to have the support of the Lord of Iron, vigilante by nature.

Why pray to the Orisha Oggun in times of war?

Oggun is the patron Orisha of wars, technology, army surgeons and anyone who works with metals.

He is the second Yoruba deity to be received after his brother Elegguá, the owner of the road and the 4 corners.

Together with him, he leads the mountain and its paths, as well as our decision-making, protecting the devotees as they walk the paths of life.

He is an Osha from the Orisha Oddé group, who are commonly known as "The Warriors." 

His name comes from the Yoruba Òggún (which means war) and in his power he has the right to guide and protect all his children and faithful who march to combat.

Prayers of peace and prayers to the Lord of Iron

We ask Oggun for protection in the face of any conflict, as well as justice, prosperity and health.

The Orisha Warrior can help us and our loved ones in the midst of difficulties and dangers and also supports us in overcoming life's obstacles and injustices.

Advice and attention that we can offer to the Orisha Oggun:

  • At the time of praying to him, we must remember that the Orisha likes to be blown with brandy or rum and tobacco smoke.
  • It also prefers foods such as roasted corn, smoked hutia and smoked fish.
  • We can place green or brown candles, their representative colors, and also white, to ask for justice and protection.
  • We can offer Oggun roses of different colors, he also likes green or yellow lilies, symbols of justice and passion.

I pray: Ask the warrior Oggun for protection in times of conflict

We dedicate the following prayer for peace to the Lord of Iron Oggun, asking for his protection in times of danger and conflict:

Oggun, Lord of Iron, you who protect your children on bad roads

I come today to ask for your guidance, your strength and your energy to get ahead in these difficult times.

Allow me, Great Warrior, to emerge victorious from this mission to which I am marching, for my ideals, for my family and for my land.

Always give me your light and remove the shadows that may cross my path

Protect me, great warrior of the Ocha

Give me strength not to fall, courage not to give up and wisdom to make good decisions

I ask you, Father, do not let danger lie in wait for my family, protect them while I am gone and keep bad energies away from them.

I know that you will not leave me helpless, Lord of Metals, and that I will walk proudly under your guidance on the path of life.

So be it, Oggun


Of the rituals in the name of Oggun we share some:

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