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Prayer to Ogún el Guerrero for love and getting a job

Ogun warrior prayer

Al Orisha Oggun He is asked for strength to keep going, improvements at work and the achievement of victories and set goals, because he will always help the brave, those who are not afraid to make sacrifices to achieve their goals, leaders and innovators.

Who is the orisha Oggún?

Oggún is the patron Orisha of blacksmiths, wars, technology, army surgeons and anyone who works with metals. He has the power over all types of iron and is the owner of the roads, as well as the mountains. He is a warrior of enormous strength.

He is the second Orisha in the Rule Ocha (Santeria), behind his brother Eleggua, together they clear the roads of all evil. It is him, next to oshosi, who is in charge of taking justice into his own hands.

¿How to pray to Oggún?

Oggún is blown into brandy or rum and tobacco smoke, and roasted corn, smoked jutía and smoked fish are sprinkled on top as a way of serving him, especially on Monday, which is his day. And so we pray to him and we also thank him for his blessings.

The prayers that are offered to Oggún, are raised in order to obtain both his favors and blessings, and depend on each need expressed by the person, but always regardless of the reason, we must be grateful.

We know that the Orisha is very given to intercede in matters of love and work prosperity, and even as a defense, as it keeps enemies and curses away.

Therefore, to pray to him, a quiet, clean place is sought where he can meditate in peace, and candles are lit to illuminate the Orisha and ask him to intercede on our behalf.

Then he is told of joys, sorrows and gratitude, and prayers are raised to ask for his favor, always with great confidence and faith that the warrior will come to our aid.

I pray to the Oggún Warrior for love:

Glorious warrior Oggún, I invoke you,

Before and name and permission of all powers,

I invoke you and ask that, at the dawn of this day,

Grant me divine grace and favor,

So that (Name of the loved one) is dominated by you,

And you manage to seduce him to bend to my pleasure,

That he has no peace of mind, until he is by my side,

And may he not feel happiness, if he is not by my side,

That, with all the force of your mighty machete,

And with the aura of your mantle we are covered and blessed,

With your hands our destiny is tied,

Oggún great Orisha, I implore you so that (Name of the loved one),

I have a lot of love and devotion,

Anima of San Juan Minero, may he always love me and I him / her,

May your body and soul be mine,

And that from this moment on I have no more illusion,

Than to always live by my side, Amen.

Oggún also intercedes in matters of prosperity and employment, since he is considered as the orisha who works day and night and who especially protects those who seek new opportunities in that sphere.

For these prayers we must show him our faith and devotion and let him know that we are willing to strive in the field of work with his help.

Prayer to Oggún to open roads and get a job

Oggún sir who works all day and night,

In order to grant good to the earth,

I ask you this day to help me and grant me a favor,

You who with the help of the great Elegguá, rule the earth,

And who are the ones that govern the oracles of life and death of men,

I ask you to work day and night to grant the favors I ask of you,

Help me to have a stable job,

Allow your influence to emerge, progress and achieve triumphs,

Grant me the gift of always being the best at what I do,

And that with it I can support my family well,

And may he always enjoy prosperity and money,

Always a product of my effort and work. Amen.

Remember to pray to the Warrior with great faith and heart, always ask for the good and he will offer you his protection and help.

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