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How to ask Orula for a favor? Precede evil thanks to its power

Orula prayer for help

Orula, or as it is also called "Orunmila", is the orisha of divination and benefactor of humanity.

We can ask him for his favor in any matter, as he will always help us and guide us on the best path.

Believers always reaffirm the importance of following the advice of this deity to the letter to avoid obstacles, misfortunes and dangers.

Orula has a very important role in the life of religious Cubans, since in addition to being the Orisha of divination, it is the supreme representative of Ifá in Cuban Santeria and has wisdom, patience, humility, purity.

He acts as an advisor and guide to all the believers and devotees of the Osha-Ifá Rule. He is a fortune teller and owner of the Oracles, he can influence fate, even if it is the most adverse.

That is why asking him for favors and going to the foot of the deity of Orula to consult the paths of destiny, is a sacred religious practice, since it is he who indicates the best way to follow to avoid mistakes and wrongs, his advice is very important.

It is common to hear devotees say:

Orula's word never falls to the ground!

And it is that his power as a messenger and interpreter of Ifá never fails.

How to dedicate prayers to Orula to know our destiny?

To make any request to Orula it is necessary to take into account the offerings preferred by the Orisha, and remember that any offering must be presented on clean and well cared plates.

It is important that Orula is in a special place in the house, a place where he cannot feel offended, is respected and is very clean.

Many devotees worship him at an altar of veneration with shades of green and yellow, his representative colors, and adorned with symbols and attributes that represent him.

In addition, let us remember that the date it is celebrated is October 4, in syncretism with San Francisco de Asís, so we must celebrate that day with the godfather and above all, thank, celebrate and entertain Orula.

An Orula prayer to ask for help, wisdom and beg for your protection

Orula can guide our life on the path of wisdom and with its powers bless us, so that our day to day improves.

His advice will guide us and his favor will clear our path of obstacles, dangers, and wrong decisions.

But let us know that to obtain Orula's guidance we must pray to him with confidence and great faith, in addition to showing devotion to him at all times.

Only then will the deity consider us worthy of his help.

  • We can also say the following prayer to Orula to ask for her favor, or any special request, by the light of a white candle on her behalf.

Oh my great father Orula, put your gaze on me, and show me the best way to find happiness.

You who know the destiny of all, clear my way

Oh my great father Orula, show me happiness, and lead me in the right way,

That the dangers do not come to my house and that the obstacles leave my way

I know you will not leave me forsaken, Great Orisha, benefactor of men

So be it, Ashé

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