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Beautiful prayer to Orula for peace, the great benefactor of humanity

Orula peace prayer

To the great fortune teller Orisha, to the great Orula, we ask for humanity in these times of crisis.

We call you to pray for peace and for the end of conflicts in these years, plagued by negative energies, problems, obstacles, illnesses and challenges.

And it is that Orula or Orunmila, witness of the very creation of man, has the power to guide us through the bad, through wisdom, reason, good decisions and factors in favor.

He is the great benefactor of humanity and its main adviser, the Orisha of divination, the supreme oracle that reveals the future through the secret of Ifá in the Yoruba Pantheon.

How to ask Orula for her help and advice?

Orula represents wisdom, intelligence, mischief and cunning, and since she knows the destiny of everything that exists, she can guide her children and faithful through the dark paths, until they see themselves blessed by good things.

Fortune teller and owner of the Oracles, Orula has the possibility of influencing destiny, even if it is the most adverse, that is why we must pray to him and ask him to help us move forward in these times of crisis.

Let us remember that in the Rule of Osha or santeria the Orisha Diviner is offered yam, coconut, white basil, chiva, black hen, dove and deer.

Tips for venerating and offering to the orisha:

  • When praying to him we must look for a quiet space in the house or in nature, where we connect with his energy and with great respect direct our prayers, seeking his guidance and favor.

We can also place flowers such as red roses and sunflowers as an offering to the saint, and let's not forget to light candles that can be yellow or green, representing their colors, but also white, referring to peace and wisdom.

Thus, to Orula, benefactor of humanity, we ask you to end the crisis and grant peace in our hearts, our homes and in the world.

We pray to Orula with respect in the following way:

Powerful prayer to the orisha Orula for the peace of our interior and of the world, so that he intercede with his great wisdom for us.

Orula, great fortune teller, wise and merciful Lord and Father

I come to request your guidance and your favor for all your children in these dark times that haunt humanity today.

You who know our destiny and illuminate our decisions, help us Orula, to move forward despite the challenges

Do not let the darkness of the crisis continue to hang over this world that we love so much

Guide your children to get ahead, to make wise decisions that help transform our society for the better

Divine Orula, lord of good decisions and factors in favor, drives away the bad and brings back happiness, faith, health, prosperity, peace and love.

so be it, father

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