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Prayer and ritual to Oshún: Let go of what is useless and be abundant

Connect with the power of Oshún through this powerful prayer and a simple ritual in which you need very few elements, but a lot of faith and love for the goddess of the Yoruba pantheon who connects us with the love of life, health and everything the beauty we want to attract.

But first you have to let go of what is taking up space in your life and no longer serves or contributes, only then will there be room for the new.

I Pray to Oshún to Let Go: Healing the Heart with Love and Light

Oh, sweet and powerful Oshún, goddess of love and healing, listen to my words in this moment of liberation and renewal!

With the light of this yellow candle, lit with the hope of your loving embrace, and with the sunflower in my hands, a symbol of the light and joy that you bring to my life, I ask you to help me let go of what weighs me down, what hurts, what no longer serves me on my path.

With each flame that dances in this candle, I ask you to illuminate my heart and mind, dispelling the shadows of pain and sadness. May your loving energy envelop every cell of my being, healing the wounds of the past and strengthening my spirit for the present and the future.

Oh, Oshún, queen of the river and loving mother, I give you everything that binds me to people and situations that have caused me harm, allowing me to free myself with love and compassion. May each petal of this flower be a symbol of my detachment, letting go of pain and making space for happiness and peace.

Bless this act of liberation, Oshún dear, and guide me towards a new dawn, where my heart is light and my spirit radiant. May your infinite love sustain me on this path of healing and transformation.

So I ask, with faith and gratitude. So be it! 🙏🌻✨

Ritual to let go and receive what you do want:

Step 1: Find a Quiet Place

Find a quiet space in your home or, if possible, in nature. If you have access to a river, it would be ideal to perform the ritual there, in honor of Oshún, the goddess of love and rivers.

Step 2: Gather the Elements

  • A yellow candle (preferably)
  • A yellow flower, ideally a sunflower
  • Paper and pencil
  • Paper to write your positive wishes

Step 3: Write a Release Letter

On paper, write down everything you want to let go of from your life: negative emotions, toxic people, limiting thought patterns, destructive habits, etc. Be honest with yourself and express your feelings without reservation.

Step 4: Discard the Letter

Place the letter in the trash with the intention of letting go of everything you have written; you can also, being very careful, burn it. Visualize how you feel liberated and at peace as you get rid of these emotional charges.

Step 5: Prepare the Offering to Oshún

Write another letter or piece of paper with your positive wishes and goals for the future. Place this paper next to the yellow flower, preferably a sunflower, in a special place where you can perform your ritual.

Step 6: Light the Candle

Every day, light the yellow candle in honor of Oshún for a while, while you ask him for everything you want in your life: love, prosperity, healing, inner peace, etc. Imagine Oshún enveloping you with his light and love, guiding you toward a bright future full of possibilities.

Step 7: Observe the Flower

While you perform this ritual, observe the flower that you have placed next to the card of your positive wishes. Observe its beauty and how it changes over time. When the flower begins to wilt, but is still alive, you will know that it is time to let that flower go.

Step 8: Let Go and Receive

Once the flower is wilted, gratefully discard it into nature, returning it to the earth. Recognize the symbolism of letting go of the old to make way for the new in your life. Embrace the change and joyfully receive the blessings that Oshún has in store for you.

That this ritual of letting go with the help of Oshún, feel that you release what no longer contributes to you in order to renew your life. I sincerely hope that it helps you leave behind what no longer serves you and open yourself to the infinite possibilities that the universe has to offer you. So be it! 🌻🙏✨

You can complement this prayer with a ritual bath:

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