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A Oyá, Mother of Egguns, we ask for help in the face of the dangers of this life

Prayer Oyá protección

A Oyá Yansa, mother, warrior and powerful, we call her in these times that are so difficult and full of anguish.

In these years that humanity is going through full of wars, diseases and conflicts, the faithful go to the Queen of the Cemetery asking for her immense protection.

This Orisha lives at the door of the cemeteries and represents the intensity of gloomy feelings, the world of the dead in the Yoruba Pantheon.

But we must bear in mind that Oyá She is also the Goddess of clairvoyance and possesses immense psychic abilities, so she can see the evil we face in all its dimensions and guide us to defeat it.

Oyá Yanza exercises a special power over the Eggúns (spirits in Yoruba), as she is the mother of 9 of them and can ward off negative and vengeful spirits from her children and faithful.

She is also in charge of bringing rapid changes and helps us in our internal and external transformations, so we must trust her powers if we want to change these difficult situations we face for the better.

How do we pray to the Orisha Oyá Yanza?

A Oyá it is prayed with confidence and strength, so that the warrior goddess helps us.

The Orisha of the Centella and the hurricane winds can offer us her immense protection against the dangers that lie in wait for us and can ward off our enemies.

We ask you with faith, courage and wisdom to get ahead and to protect us in times of pain and need, in the face of obstacles and natural phenomena.

Simple offerings for the goddess of the spark:

To raise prayers to Oyá we must know that she adores:

  • The eggplant offerings, his favorite fruit,
  • beverages such as grape wine and rum
  • fruits like grapes,
  • cola Nuts,
  • rooster, hen, fish
  • spicy foods. 

It is also good to bring her red roses, in relation to her great love Shangó, or dedicate purple gladioli and azalea flowers to her.

Let's remember to light a white candle, or whatever color you have in the house, except black, and choose a secluded and quiet place to start praying on behalf of it with great faith.

powerful prayer to Oyá to ask for protection from obstacles

A Oyá, Lady of the Centella, we ask for your protection in the face of the dangers of these times, for this we dedicate this prayer to you and thus intercede with your ashe and wisdom:

Mother Yansa, Warrior Mother, Powerful Mother,

Listen to me in these difficult times and give me your protection, your wisdom, your peace...

Oyá, Queen of the Centella, I ask you today to enlighten me in the midst of these crises that the world is facing

Do not abandon your children to their fate, bless us with your wisdom and your courage to avoid evil and seek peace

Oyá, Queen and Warrior, Owner of the tomb, keep away from your children the bad energies that swarm on this earth and allow peace, happiness and light to come to our paths.

I pray to you Mother, to protect and help your children to change the world, endowed with your clairvoyance and your strength.

So be great Orisha Mother

The rituals you must know in the name of Oyá:

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