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Drive away evil spirits with this prayer Why is it important to do it?

Prayer to ward off evil spirits Allan Kardec

The stalking of evil spirits is something that cannot be avoided.

Human beings live surrounded by light and this is one of the cardinal reasons for which we are curious, these entities seek to gain part of this vital energy, which they obtain little by little when they approach us.

Without us realizing it, they become part of our routine, overshadowing our spiritual development and overshadowing the luck that accompanies us.añan.

On other occasions, these evil beings persecute man, for the pure pleasure of doing him evil, placing obstacles and tripping him in his destiny.

How to drive away evil spirits and evils?

An effective way to drive them away is through prayer, a tool that saves and liberates.

The prayer to ward off evil spirits It has been pronounced by many people who have gone through a situation similar to the one described above, obtaining with it favorable results.

It is valid to emphasize that this prayer can be invoked in a prophylactic way, as the word indicates, to find protection against the forces of evil that seek shelter in us in order to harm us.

By pronouncing it, we guarantee:

  • Away bad influences and
  • bring together everything that benefits us.

Through these words the religious also requests the help of guardian angels, in those who seek support to ward off evil from their path and resist temptation, desiring despite the intentions of the entities that God's mercy be poured out on them so that in this way they can evolve and cleanse their sins.

Prayer to ward off evil spirits: By Allan Kardec

In the name of almighty God, may the evil spirits be far from me and may the good spirits serve as a bulwark against them.

Evil spirits who inspire evil thoughts in men, lying and deceitful spirits who deceive them, mocking spirits who abuse their credulity, I reject you with all the strength of my soul and I close my ear to your suggestions, but I wish it to be poured out on you God's mercy.

Good spirits who deign us to assist me, give me strength to resist the influence of evil spirits and the necessary light so as not to be the mockery of their evil intentions.

Preserve me from pride and presumption, separate from my heart jealousy, hatred, malevolence and any sentiment contrary to charity, because there are so many doors open to the spirit of evil.

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