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Prayer to love others ► Letting go of the past will bring a better future

Prayer to love your neighbor

Love is the most powerful force that exists on earth, February 14 day of love It is the ideal date to make use of the great cosmic love to let go of our life everything that damaged us, giving way to the arrival of new and better opportunities.

Prayer to love others It is one of the ways we can use to achieve this end, because among its verses the sure foundation is created with faith to achieve forgiveness.

Why is the greatest spiritual evolution “Forgiving?”"?

In one way or another, all human beings have been victims of suffering, sometimes we have been trapped by this negative feeling while other times consciously or unconsciously we have the partial responsibility of causing pain in those around us.

The truth is that man often goes through life taking actions without looking at the consequences of his actions.

Most of the time he doesn't even stop to think who he's giving.añawill with these and in this same way another sector of humanity eagerly seeks the spiritual growth it needs, without knowing that the best way to grow is to forgive and put aside what once hurt us, always keeping in mind that being consistent with our actions is the second way to be better people.

The benefits that Prayer brings to love others.

Prayer to love

Prayer to love others "To the neighbor" is a prayer that is prayed directly to God to:

  • Leave behind the past that hurt us
  • grow spiritually through forgiveness,
  • gain in self-esteem and self-love,
  • consider others as we would like to be considered,
  • do not judge and understand more and better,
  • be able to take new paths and
  • carry with faith and hope the teachings we have obtained.

This prayer is the living example of the importance of fulfilling the divine commandment to love others as oneself and reaffirms the need to detach from selfishness, as this is the firm anchor that prevents us from moving forward in life.

This is the Prayer to "Love others"

Lord, make me an instrument of your love.

That I can see in every circumstance of my life

As an opportunity to grow in your love.

That I can see around me

Like a place to grow in your love.

And then bring this love to others.

When I'm tempted to be impatient

Help me to be patient.

When I'm tempted to be cruel

Help me to be nice.

When I'm tempted to be jealous

Help me to be tolerant.

When I am tempted to be boastful or proud,

Help me give you the glory.

When I am tempted to be rude or selfish,

Give me the gift of meekness.

When I am tempted to take offense,

Help me let go

When I am tempted to get mad at someone,

Give me the gift of forgiveness.

When I'm tempted to be resentful

Give me your power to love.

Lord grant me not to take any pleasure in criticizing others,

But let him see the good in them, as you do.

When I start to focus on the failures and failures of others,

Give me the strength to praise your accomplishments.

Help me to be faithful to those you give me to love.

Help me to believe in them, even when they don't believe in themselves.

To expect the best of them, but accept the best that they can give.

May I always defend them

As always you defend me.

All gifts and powers come from you.

Everything will come to an end.

With one important exception, the gift of love!

Lord, when I was a child, I thought like a child,

I behaved like a child, and reasoned like a child.

Now that I have become an adult,

I release my childish ways.


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