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Beautiful prayer to bless and protect the Children from bad influence

Prayer to bless and protect children

God, keep my children in your heart and send them this prayer in your name for the protection and intercession of the holy spirit in their lives, so that they may follow the path of good, the one that leads to eternal happiness.

I pray to ask for protection for the children In the name of God

God who owns the heavens and the earth, the one who has all the power and majesty, the one who deserves all my adoration.

I praise your holy name, God you are great and glorious, today with all my mother's heart I ask you to give protection to my children whom I love very much.

Thank you for loving them too. Thank you for the life you have given them.

I ask you, my God, to protect my children from all diseases, in your hands I put the lives of my children, keep them and cover them with your mantle of love and well-being.

I beg you Lord my God to protect them from evil, to be a shield around them, to be freed from dangers, from people with bad intentions, bad words and a bad reputation.

Lord, may your angels encamp around my children, protect them from all diseases or viruses in the environment, may there be a protective fence wherever they go, when they enter or leave home be blessed, cover them with your precious blood that you shed on the cross for the salvation.

Lord, that my children seek to do what is right, that their feet do not lead them to places of evil, guard their minds please do not allow my children's hearts to be contaminated with bad vices, free them from planning evil against others , deliver them from living in falsehood and lies.

By the power of your holy word I beg you to destroy every stumbling block that the enemy has placed in the lives of my children, free them from vices, free them from every attack by satan, that every opposing force that comes against my children step back in the name of Jesus.

Lord I also pray that my children can avoid danger, give them prudence and wisdom to live righteously, that they be wise in their way of leading life, that they cry out to you for help when they feel in danger.

Heavenly Father give my children good friends, who are people who help them to travel along the path of well-being, free them from any person who is toxic or of bad influence that is negative, do not let them fall into temptations and do not follow advice negatives.

Lord I ask you that my children do not feel tied or compromised with evil, that they enjoy following your commandments.

Bless my children with life and health and with a heart sensitive to your voice. I ask you in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

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