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We pray to God to banish the bad temper and the dark resentment of the heart

Prayer to calm anger

In many periods in our lives, we are faced with problems of various kinds, some of which threaten our character and our way of handling dissimilar situations.

Economic difficulties, problems with our family, love breakdowns, among others, make us get carried away by a bad temper, anger and resentment.

Sometimes we act without thinking that anger, in addition to hurting those around us, also hurts ourselves.

We must never allow ourselves to be carried away by resentment and bad temper, they are poisons that little by little steal the goodness from our hearts.

How to remove anger and dark feelings from my life?

If these feelings guide our actions, we can think that the result will surely be negative.

We can become angry and bitter, people will avoid us and isolated, we will suffer.

We must learn to deal with the various situations in life so as not to indulge in anger and bad temper.

Some techniques that can help us:

  1. Be aware of the situation, put yourself in the shoes of the other and think before speaking in moments of anger.
  2. When anger comes, do not face the situation, withdraw and try to relax, put incense, aromatic candles and reflect on what affects you.
  3. Accepting and acknowledging that we are being haunted by negative feelings is a big step.
  4. Meditate, take a deep breath, sit in a quiet place and feel how everything passes.
  5. Make prayers and prayers that help us connect with God and our spiritual guides.

It is for this reason that we must pray and pray, giving with faith and from the heart, these negative emotions so that our spirit guides, with your strength and wisdom, help us to manage our bad character and to be happy people, surrounded by our loved ones.

Let us pray then each day, asking to learn to handle anger and temper and imploring the heavenly father to illuminate our lives and fill us with his tranquility and tranquility.

Beautiful prayer to calm anger and calm the soul

This is the prayer that we must raise to calm the temper and darkness in our hearts.

  • We can light a white candle and in a quiet place take a deep breath and begin the prayer.

PMost Holy Father, Almighty God, today I come before you humble and sorry for my sins.

I (say your name) ... I acknowledge my faults, I confess them and I ask your forgiveness for all sins of anger, resentment, bad temper, impatience, intolerance, rebellion and pride

I don't want my loved ones to get away from me, or have these angry feelings inside me, or be a generator of violence.

I also do not want to have resentments in my life and that is why I forgive the offenses or damages that other people have caused me, and I will no longer keep these dark feelings in my heart.

Oh my good God, I beg you to release me from these bad feelings and I ask that you completely heal my mind, my heart, and my negative emotions.

Heavenly Father, on the other hand, I beg you to give me a noble, meek, peaceful and joyful spirit.

From today my Lord, I renounce anger, I renounce resentment, I renounce bad temper, I renounce impatience, I renounce intolerance, I renounce rebellion, I renounce pride, I renounce lawsuits, fights, disputes and all the bad feelings.

I ask that you be my consolation, my counselor, my calm and my peace.

I call you now my God, because sometimes these bad feelings get over me, but I don't want them anymore in my life.

Holy Father, from this moment I thank you infinite, because I know that you have listened to my prayers, and immediately you will begin to act in my life, to leave behind all my sufferings and sins.

That is why I fully trust you, because I know that you have great power in my life, for my good and that of all my loved ones.

My beloved God, thank you for your mercy and your goodness towards me, thank you for the forgiveness of my sins and thank you for putting your grace on me.

Now I am about to receive your love, your blessings and your liberation. Amen

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