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Powerful prayer to destroy the enemy's plans Let's drive away evil!

Prayer to destroy the enemy's plans

In life, we need to remove those obstacles that appear in our way, many times the result of the plans of our enemies to defeat us and see us fall.

Therefore we must pray to our spirit guides to keep us and allow us to triumph over those who want to destroy us.añaus and our family.

Also our enemy may be being influenced by evil spirits that want to destroy and bring conflict into our lives, therefore prayer and faith is the best weapon to undo the plans of any negative entity or energy.

To eliminate the enemy from our path, let him fall, and his plans against us do not work out is this powerful prayer.

How to make this prayer for our well-being and against all evil?

As we pray these prayers to destroy the plans of our enemies, we will do so with great faith and confidence that our spirit guides will turn things in our favor.

  • We must pray in a quiet and remote place, asking that all those plans that could threaten us be frustrated and thus our enemies fall defeated.
  • We can offer you the light of a preferably white candle, to assist you and help us.

These prayers will give us protection and dominion over our enemies, to defeat them and end their evil plans, and finally enjoy a free and happy life, with nothing to disturb our peace and happiness.

This is the prayer to thwart the enemy's plans

Blessed heavenly father

I come to you to help me

To stand firm in the face of everything

Circumstance of evil that comes my way.

Protect me from invitations and temptations

That my enemy can propose to me.

Save my life from my enemies and undo their evil plans against me

Save me and all my family, from all black magic and evil spirits.

Grant me wisdom to be able to act well and undo plans

To defeat my enemy and not fall into their attacks.

Save my life from all who can bring affliction into my life

And use me to hurt others.

Guide me and take care of me to be able to pass all circumstances

Let him present himself to me in this life.

In your hands I put my life


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