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Miraculous prayer to bless Wednesday and make our request

Prayer for Wednesday

The midweek prayer comes into our lives to bless Wednesday in the name of almighty Jesus, so that the blessings of the father penetrate into the interior of the home causing relief in the hearts of those who request:

  • Protection,
  • Health,
  • love and
  • good luck.

Wednesday is the day to reflect on our attitude and on what we want to obtain in the immediate future, harboring faith in the heart is an act of salvation and honor towards the almighty.

Powerful prayer for this day Wednesday: Turn bad into opportunity

Lord Jesus, another day begins again, one more day of struggles, loves and heartbreaks, for this is what life and the world are full of. 

That is why I ask you Lord that this Wednesday you continue to guide me on the right path. That my steps are not false and do not walk on stony paths with thorns.

I ask you Lord to bless me in my actions and thoughts, that you do not allow the problems of the day to fill me with resentment and hatred of others.

Teach me Lord, to forgive all those who on this day want to see me fail, those who will want me not to achieve my goals, those who close the doors and do not want to give me the opportunities that I need, those who They accuse for only wanting to hurt me.

Lord do not allow me to become them, because their hearts are empty and without love. They do not understand that we came into the world to love, to help people, to make this society a better world.

Lord fill me with light today. Let me be that beacon that illuminates those who have been lost on the path of life. Let me show the direction that everyone who crosses my day should follow.

I want you to give me strength today to give my grain of sand to help change hearts, because, even if it is small with faith it will transform into something great, as you taught, that the small grain of mustard with faith will be very big .

Faith can bring down great mountainsañaYes, there is nothing we cannot do because with your help Lord, I will transform any problem into a blessing.

And this is the request that I wish for this day that you help us transform all the bad things of today into opportunities. Thank my Lord. Amen.  

Other powerful prayers for the rest of the week:

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