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How to Pray to Away Pride from our hearts? Powerful Prayer

Prayer for pride

Pride is a feeling that triggers negative attitudes in the heart and our being, it is a poison that little by little steals the spirit and goodness.  

Those who are proud to distance themselves from the achievement of their dreams and goals, because they are incapable of being humble and accepting their mistakes.

If we realize that we suffer from that evil that so many friends and ties can make us lose, we must quickly rectify and learn to manage our feelings and emotions.

Do you know what Spiritual Pride is?

Spiritual pride happens when Man considers that he is a superior being to everything that exists around him.

In this way the mind defends and justifies above all things that what it does is correct, that its decisions and way of seeing life are never wrong, therefore, it rejects all higher forms of teaching, does not accept it in its mind, nor in his heart.

There is no possibility of obtaining for a spiritually proud person, more light in his being, because he considers himself superior, he does not correct himself, he is not humble, so he speaks of the other and criticizes.

"Pride only generates disputes, but wisdom is found in those who take advice"

The Bible

Eliminate bad thoughts and meditate How do we do it?

The best ways to put pride aside include meditation and prayer, but above all being aware that it is an evil that can harm us, so the first thing to do is accept it.

If we get closer to our spirit guides and we let them know our defects and the ills we suffer, they will listen to us and show us the best way to learn to deal with our feelings.

They will also advise us through their light to achieve humility through faith.

Every night we can pray and we entrust ourselves to God, asking him in his immense mercy to lead us on the right path and protect us so that we do not lose our loved ones or our friends as a result of our pride.

We can light a candle and pray in a quiet place, very sincerely conveying to our spiritual guides our desire to change and improve our attitude towards others.

Prayer to overcome the pride that haunts us in life

  • So we pray to put pride aside

Heavenly Father, I am in front of you to recognize that I am largely responsible for having stopped the blessings that you have wanted to give me

I ask you to forgive me for harboring pride in our hearts and thinking that everything I have obtained is thanks to my abilities and my power.

That is why I implore you, keep me Lord from nesting pride within me and may it become the fortified wall that stands between you and me.

Now I know that it is impossible to do anything without your help and blessing, because absolutely everything I have came from your hand and it is thanks to your mercy that I have new opportunities to do good.

In you I trust and I have the answer, provision, inner and outer healing, so that my life can be redirected to the right path.

Thank you Lord for each and every one of the people you have placed around us, who give us good advice and lead us to you.

Allow me to have a simple heart that is capable of finding wisdom in even the simplest of people.

Grant me that my life is focused on you and that your Holy Spirit reminds me of what I must correct so that your blessings do not find an obstacle in my heart.

Thanks God. I praise you and bless your holy name.

In Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

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