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Prayer to hand over a dying man to God and may he rest in peace

Prayer to deliver a dying person to God

Death is contemplated a lot, but little is said, because just thinking about the end of life causes, as is popularly said, the hair to stand up from head to toe.

Many are the hypotheses that are rumored regarding the moment of leaving for another better world, but for sure no one has been able to affirm that it happens once our souls leave this world.

Mystery that continues to cause curiosity, but that no human being wants to experience firsthand, knowing that there will be no going back.

The few who have had the opportunity to return from the arms of death refrain from issuing statements.

Fact that makes us think that perhaps that moment when we stop breathing, our memory stops waiting for the entrance to heaven or the return to earth.

The truth is that while for some death leaves grief and tears, for others it becomes an expected relief.

How to pray to a dying person so that his soul finds peace?

The prayer to accept death is a Christian prayer that some dying people say.

In most cases, it is the family that desperately turns to God to take sides and let the dying person rest, where they ask:

  • The redemption of sins,
  • the end of suffering and
  • the glorious entrance of the soul to the kingdom of heaven.

Prayer to accept the arrival of Eternal Rest

We too, Lord, will go down to the grave when, how and where you please.

May your just decrees be fulfilled:

May our sinful bodies turn to dust, but in your great mercy, receive our immortal souls, and when our bodies are resurrected, take them to your Kingdom so that they can love and bless you forever!

My dear Father and my God, Lord of life and death, who with an unappealable decree has established that men all die as a just punishment for our sins.

Look at me here, prostrate before you.

From the bottom of my heart, I abhor my past sins, for which I have deserved death many times; death that I accept as atonement for my sins and as proof of my submission to your adorable will.

Lord, I will happily die in the place, time and way that You want it.

And until that moment arrives, I will take advantage of the rest of my days to fight against my defects and grow more in your love, to break the ties that bind my heart to creatures and thus prepare my soul for when it appears in your presence.

From this moment I abandon myself without reservation to the arms of your paternal providence.

Lord, my God, from now on I accept with goodwill as coming from your hand, any kind of death that you like to send me, I only ask you to alleviate in me, the anguish, the pains and the pains.


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