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2 Prayers to "Give birth to the spirits" who have just left the earth

Prayer for spirits

Praying for the spirits that have just left the Earth, is also a request to guide us who continue on the earthly plane, a way to elevate their soul so that they obtain light and help their spiritual detachment from the earth.

It is also a testimony of sympathy towards those spirits and a way to alleviate the embarrassment that always follows separation, to bring calm, light and peace.

Prayer to alleviate the sorrows of the deceased:

Prayers to the deceased
Placing a white candle when praying the prayer will help it flow

This is a powerful prayer for the soul that has just left the earthly plane, it must be done from the heart, with faith, and, above all, with sincerity.

We can light a candle, a spiritual element that provides light and harmonizes the environment to promote our request.

Placing a glass of clear water up high or placing some assistance, such as a flower will also help us.

Almighty God, may your mercy be extended to the soul of (name) that you have just called to You!

May the trials that you have suffered in this life be taken into account, and our prayers may alleviate and shorten the pains that you have yet to suffer as a spirit!

Good spirits who have come to receive him, and especially you, his guardian angel, assist him to help him get rid of matter; give him light and self-awareness in order to get him out of the turmoil that accompaniesaña to the transition from bodily life to spiritual life.

Inspire him to repent of the faults he has committed and the desire that he be allowed to repair them to activate his advance towards the life of eternal bliss.

Prayer to pray for the detachment of the spirit of the deceased:

May the light be made for you, my brother, who has just left Earth!

May the good spirits of the Lord descend upon you, surrounding you and helping you shake off your earthly chains!

Understand and see the greatness of Our Lord; submit without murmuring to his justice, but never despair of his mercy.

Brother! May a formal look at your past open the doors of the future making you understand the faults you leave behind and the work you have left to repair them!

May God forgive you and may your good spirits sustain and encourage you!

Your brothers on earth will pray for you and ask you to pray for them.

Other Powerful Prayers:

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