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A prayer of blessing to start the month of February Ask for protection!

Prayer to start the month of February

We begin the second month of the year with the hope that we will continue with the protection of God, our Saints and our spiritual guides.

It is not worth letting ourselves fall into despair and sadness, we must raise our spirits and fill ourselves with healthy faith and trust.

Let us be grateful for all the benefits we have received and pray for blessings, health and love in this 2022.

Through prayer and reflection, we ask that new paths be opened for us, with health and faith, and opportunities to work and achieve goals.

Let's put all our concerns in the hands of God and our spiritual guides and thus we will be blessed with his peace and love.

In this way we will continue this year with the blessing of all the beings that give us clarity and light, of God and the Saints and we will pray that it continue like this for the 365 days that are to come.

We ask for peace and protection for February with this prayer

February is the second month of a year full of dreams and challenges, in which we must always keep in mind to pray and ask God to take us by the hand and take care of us.

There is no greater peace of mind than knowing we are with youañatwo for our spiritual guides and rest assured that they are always by our side.

That is why we start February praying and asking:

  • Strength to continue on the path, a lot of faith and health, as well as success and spiritual growth.

We must abandon the burdens of the past and let the peace of God help us carry each day of the new year.

Every day is a new beginning and every awakening is a reason to give thanks. Therefore, it is the best time to communicate with our protectors and pray for their guidance.

How to perform this powerful and beautiful prayer in February?

  • First choose a comfortable, quiet, peaceful and quiet place to pray.
  • Light a white candle or a wick in the name of God and the guides who protect you.
  • Put a lot of faith in this prayer, clarify your ideas and define the purpose or request you want to make.
  • You can pray this prayer throughout the month of February to keep your focus on gratitude.
  • This is how we pray to God with this prayer to start the month of February with blessings

Beloved God, today I approach You, with devotion, hope and joy to thank you for your immense goodness,

Today begins the month of February and from now on I put my life and my plans in your hands.

In this second month of the year I come to ask you to never leave my side and never stop guiding my steps.

Last year we lived in hectic times, full of illness and violence, so I beg you, Lord, do not abandon your children, today more than ever humanity needs your love and mercy.

Heavenly Father, I ask for your wisdom and your peace at all times of the year, to make decisions based on love, kindness and justice.

I ask you to protect my family and my home in this new month, to continue pursuing our purposes with enthusiasm and joy.

I give you in this beginning of February, my desires and my desires.

May it be a month of well-being, prosperity and each of my activities and obligations have good results, because You Lord will be with me and you will not let me lack anything.


Continue to pray throughout the week with these prayers for each day:

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