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Prayer to invoke the Seven Archangels in desperate moments

Prayer to invoke the 7 archangels

The Seven Archangels Rafael, Uriel, Miguel, Jofiel, Samuel, Gabriel, and Zadkiel are heavenly leaders by nature.

They are considered sent by God the creator to safeguard the human species from the influence of Satan and his evil entourage.

They have the power to intercede in the defense of their protected and to console their souls in moments of affliction, opportunities in which they become closer to mortals and radiate them with their heavenly light so that they are nourished with faith and trust.

When do we invoke the power of the 7 Archangels?

In the invocation of the seven Archangels, the religious prays for health, protection, love, faith, family unity and stability among many other things.

It should be noted that desperate pleas will always be a priority for these beings, because among their virtues is the rescue from danger to demonstrate their love for the human race with evidence.

The prayer to the Archangels it can be pronounced any day of the week and at any time, but it is almost always recommended to do it in the morning.añain the.

This prayer can also be used as an act of gratitude for a favor obtained and to recognize the work of the winged protectors.

  • It is not always necessary to accompanyañaUse candles to do it, but if there is the possibility of using them, the action is more favorable.

Angels are invoked to evolve spiritually and to drive away disturbances that afflict men before sleeping.

This prayer can also be read to children to be irradiated with the celestial power of the hosts of the creator.

One pPrayer to the 7 Archangels:

Michael, Michael, Michael, Prince of the archangels,

Songs of Praise flow from the grateful hearts of all.

For your Celestial Presence everyone on Earth worships you.

God who comes from the Sun with all that the name implies.

Miguel, Miguel, Miguel, may the Guardian Angels

From your Celestial legions come free everyone.

Purify, illuminate, manifest the glory of the perfection of the Light that everyone can To be.

Jofiel and Chamuel, Gabriel and Rafael, Uriel and Zadkiel and powerful Hosts of Light.

Cherubs and Seraphim of the Kingdoms of Glory

Now tear the veil that obscures our human vision.

Blessed Seven Archangels, asking for enlightenment,

We invoke your presence in hymns of praise to you.

Keep us consecrated in the fulfillment of God's Plan

To, with purity, be your ministers. Amen.

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