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Prayer of thanks to Obatalá for when we visit the Montaña

Prayer to invoke Obatala

Prayers to obbatala They are originally made in the Lucumí language or in Yoruba, because that is how the former slaves brought them when they arrived on our Island.

However, they have been translated and adapted to numerous languages ​​today, even new prayers have been born that have been dedicated by devotees in the American continent.

To pray to Obbatalá, we must sometimes go to his natural temple, which are the mountains.añas and all the elevations of the earth, in order to connect with the energy of this deity and communicate with him.

Let us remember that Father Orisha likes white and everything clean and pure, so we must always present ourselves to him extremely neat and if possible, with white garments.

So Father Orisha will feel happy and hear our prayers.

Some offerings that we can offer together with the Prayers to Father Orisha:

Let us remember that the wise father Obbatalá adores sweet offerings such as rice pudding, meringue, milk and custard, foods in which the color white predominates.

He also likes to receive fruits such as soursop and pomegranate and among herbs or ewes he prefers coconut, white canutillo, acacia, cotton, mugwort, saffron, among others.

As for animals, those who immolate themselves must be white such as doves, guineas, chickens and white goats.

In general, Obbatalá eats a soft diet and their food is made in a very simple way. He does not like spicy foods, and salt is taboo for him.

How to pray to the Great Obbatalá asking for his eternal blessing?

Although we can dedicate our prayers in our home or the space that we want, we can pray to Obbatalá in the tranquility of the mountain.aña, listening only to the sounds of nature, and we thank you for the little joys of life and for your eternal blessing.

We also ask you to help us overcome difficulties and problems, and to intercede with us so that we can move forward in any situation that arises in our life.

To pray to Obbatalá, we must speak like a son to his father, entrusting him with our fears and joys with great faith in his power and guidance.

A prayer to invoke to Obatala and thank him from the mountainaña:

We can also dedicate the light of a white candle, flowers of the same tone, and whatever we want, always from the heart and with gratitude.

Obatalá owner of whiteness, you are great, unique, who has no fear of doing justice

Father of all heaven, king who rules the world, you who guide your children along the path of life

You who intercede for your faithful devotees when they call you in times of need

Today I come to thank you My father, today I visit your natural temple and I thank you a thousand times for your blessings

Father of the great Sacred Grove, thank you for helping me get ahead and for helping me give a good life to my family

Only king, owner of all bright white fabrics, thank you for health, love and prosperity that you have given me

Thank you for always listening to me and for guiding me in my decisions.

I appreciate that you cover me and mine with your protective white mantle

My pure Orisha, always give me your blessing to follow my path and reward me with your wisdom to understand what I cannot

Give me strength, patience and resignation, to be able to overcome the difficulties and obstacles that I find on the path of life

Give me the tranquility of my spirit and multiply my happiness and blessings

Thank you so much my holy Father,

So be it

Learn about other powerful offerings that you can dedicate to the white father, Obatala:

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