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Powerful prayer to invoke the Guardian Angel and ask for protection

Prayer to invoke the Guardian Angel

The guardian angel is the being that accompanies usaña from the moment we are conceived.

This one, fights with us all the battles in which we face, is that company that makes us be safe and put our fears aside, banishing loneliness into oblivion.

At certain moments in life, the guardian angel is that inner voice that advises us and assists us in making decisions, offering his arms to give us support and strength.

In the nights when we dream that we fall down a ravine and wake up with a jump, it is a sign that the guardian angel has momentarily moved away from us, perhaps to fulfill a vitally prioritized task.

When to invoke the power of our Guardian Angel?

Before sleeping and when waking up The protection of the guardian angel must be invoked, as this will come even closer to us to listen to our voice and in this way its astral energy will radiate us in a stronger way, tightening its filial bond with each one of us.

The prayer to the guardian angel It is a prayer in which the protective work of those beings who tirelessly watch over our safety is thanked.

This can be used to evoke them or to call them on special occasions or in the face of danger.

This prayer has been used throughout time in the development of spiritual masses, in order for these winged beings to come to the table and transmit their teachings to humans.

Through prayer it is requested:

  • Obtaining strength, indulgence, conscience and courage,
  • at the same time that the need we have for their protection is emphasized.

Prayer to the Guardian Angel, a powerful invocation

Beloved spirits, guardian angels, whom God in his infinite mercy allows to watch over men, be our protectors in the trials of our earthly life.

Give us strength, courage and resignation, inspiring indulgence of all that is good, stop us on the slope of evil, may your sweet influence penetrate our soul,

HaLet us know that a sincere friend who is here, close to us, who sees our sufferings and takes part in our joys.

Y You, my guardian angel, do not abandon me, I need your protection to endure with faith and love the trials that God wants to send me. 

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