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Uriel Archangel of Light Provide us with abundance and good luck!

Prayer to invoke the archangel Uriel

Uriel is regarded as the angel of light, whose radiance comes directly from the stars, stars from which it takes energy to fulfill its missions, soaking its entire essence with cosmic energy.

The name Uriel is a word from the Hebrew language, a noun that translated into Spanish means God is my light or Fire of Dios.

Therefore, in his different images, he manifests himself carrying a flaming sword or the fire of the inexhaustible flame of true faith sprouting from his palms.

  • Sometimes it is usually observed carrying a parchment, a book and an orb of the sun attributes that characterize it.

His holiday It takes place depending on the calendar by which it is taken, the truth is that the days designated to entertain it are:

  • September 29,
  • on November 8 and
  • on July 15 without distinction.

Moments in which his faithful pay tribute to him around the world.

Some of the powers and virtues that Archangel Uriel possesses

San Uriel is believed to be an extremely educated saint, which is why he is usually associated with poetry and the fine arts.

The colors with which it identifies they are red, gold, light blue and white.

This glorious Archangel ensures that the learning that life offers is not mistakenly responsible for twisting the destiny of man.

Archangel Uriel promotes abundance in the family, he is the provider par excellence of the spiritual and earthly graces that human beings receive who do well according to the doctrine of God.

Saint Uriel is invoked through his prayer At times when help is required for rapid changes to occur, it attracts good luck and was the Archangel appointed by the creator to take care of the lands and religious temples.

Prayer to invoke Archangel Uriel, beg for protection and make a request

O God who with ineffable providence deign to send your holy angels for our guardianship, agree to our prayer and make us always be defended by your protection sir,

that you entrust us to your angels to guard us on our paths, grant propitious that, through the intercession of your most glorious Archangel Saint Uriel,

let us be free from present dangers and insured against all adversity.

Glorious Archangel Saint Uriel, mighty in strength, I implore your continued custody to achieve victory.

Especially spiritual or temporal evil.

My protector, grant me the grace that I request (make request) if it is convenient for the good of my soul, accompany me and guide all my steps until I reach eternal life. Amen.

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