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Beautiful prayer to God for Peace of Mind and our Emotional Health

Prayer for peace of mind

In our life, health is a treasure, an invaluable treasure that many times we do not appreciate until we lose it.

We must take care of health, both spiritually, as well as physically and emotionally, holistically they work as a whole that leads us towards a healthy life.

Our body is a temple, and as such we must respect it, love it, take care of it, the temple that God and the Universe gave us to live our existence, that is our responsibility.

How to ask God for health, tranquility and peace of mind?

Mental health is also very important, sometimes problems, situations of pain and anguish, make our thoughts flow negatively, bringing us illnesses.

That is why we entrust ourselves to God to give us peace, tranquility, health, and love in our thoughts.

In a quiet place in nature or at home, we can light a candle, and pray to God to help us, to intercede for our health, to give us protection and mental and physical healing, to give us spiritual healing, and in general protect to heal all the mental illnesses that haunt the world.

Powerful Prayer to ask for health, clarity and peace in our mind

Eternal Father, I confidently turn to you who are a Father all love and mercy.

I know you know my faults, since I present them all to you, and I can hide nothing from you.

However, you always want the best for me, and you approach me with words of encouragement making promises of love, peace, prosperity, and health.

Your promises are true, and your word is life.

Your guidance, protection, comfort and strength are the basis for me to access to enjoy a prosperous and healthy life.

Good Father, please always keep me close to you.

Allow me to enjoy good emotional and mental health, that my thoughts and ideas are healthy, help me to make good decisions, and that at all times I am a mature and responsible person.

Eternal Father, I also give you my social relationships and my relationship as a couple.

May my feelings be healthy, and may I relate to others without hurting anyone and without being hurt.

Merciful and eternal Father, under your protection and care I know that everything will be perfect, because everything will happen according to your holy will, for the good of me and of others.

Lord, please take care of me from the onslaught of day to day and its anguish, that the malevolent stress and restlessness do not cause a dent in my thoughts, and I can carry each day with sound judgment and discretion.

If you take care of my thoughts and inspire my emotions, I am sure that everything in my life will flow, and I will make better and better decisions, I will always walk with responsibility and maturity, and I will relate healthily with all your children.

Thank you good Father for taking care of me and my loved ones, and for taking care of everyone with whom I interact as well. Thank you, Eternal Father, because you have heard me.


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