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What are hardened spirits and how to give them light? I pray to these beings

Prayer for hardened spirits

The hardened spirits They are those that with the passage of time have been forgotten and when this happened they have been deprived of light, becoming insensitive towards the suffering of humans.

These are also considered that way, because yesterday they performed bad deeds in their journey through the earthly plane.

It is believed that these entities are indifferent to the feelings of man, so they do not interfere in the destiny of these to help them.

On the other hand, scholars consider that some of these souls do want to help man, but do not have the light or the spiritual strength to do so.

How to help a hardened spirit?

Hardened spirits require a lot of attention, the assistance to these, the reading of prayers and the action of dedicating candles help them to progress.

However what hardened spirits mainly need It is to raise awareness of the benefits that will be obtained by doing good, since good is the only source of supreme glory and the best way to get closer to God.

Since in life these entities did not find the way to atone for their sins, the Almighty invites them to do so from death, starting with doing good deeds.

Prayer to help hardened spirits by Allan Kardec

Lord, deign to look kindly at the imperfect spirits that are still in the darkness of ignorance and do not know you, and particularly about him (mention the spirit that this prayer is addressed).

Good spirits help us to make us understand that, by inducing men to evil, obsessing and tormenting them, they prolong their own feelings, make the example of the happiness that you enjoy a stimulus for him.

Spirit that you still indulge in evil, you have just heard the prayer we make for you, this should prove to you that we want to do you good, even if you do wrong.

You are unhappy because it is impossible to be happy being bad.

Why then do you stop in this state, when it is up to you to get out of it? Take a look at the good spirits that surround you, see how happy they are, and if not it would be much more pleasant for you to enjoy that same happiness.

You will say that it is impossible but there is nothing impossible for the one who wants, because God has given you, like all creatures, the freedom to choose between good and evil, that is, between happiness and misfortune and no one is condemned to evil .

If you have the will to do the latter, you will have the will to do good and be happy.

Turn your eyes towards God, raise yourself towards him for a moment with your thought and a ray of divine light will illuminate you.

Say with us these simple words: my God, I regret it, forgive me.

Try to repent and do good instead of evil and you will see how at the same time his mercy will extend before you and an unknown well-being will come to replace the anguish you suffer.

Once you have taken the step to the right path, the rest will be easy. Then you will understand how much time you have wasted because of you to achieve your happiness, but a radiant and hopeful future will open up before you and will make you forget your miserable past, full of turmoil and moral torments, which for you would be hell if should last forever.

A day will come when these torments will be such that you would at all costs want to make them stop, but the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be for you.

Do not think that you will always remain in that state, it is not impossible, you have two perspectives in front of you, one of suffering a lot what you do not suffer now, the other of being happy like the good spirits that surround you, the first is inevitable if you persist in your stubbornness, a simple effort of your will is enough to get you out of the bad step you are in. Hurry because every day that you take is a day lost for your happiness.

Good spirits make these words find abscess in this still backward soul in order to help him draw closer to God.

So we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, who had such great power over evil spirits.

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