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Prayer for Mediums How can I develop spiritually?

Prayer for Mediums

Mediums are men and women designed to carry with respect and faith the word of the spirits to human beings.

Through this mission, the seers seek to instill in man the teachings of their protective guides and familiar spirits and by affinity, in order to prepare them to successfully face the obstacles that appear in their way, both material and spiritual.

How many types of mediums are there?

There are various types of divination and various types of mediums.

The mediums develop divination according to their abilities, some assure that the entities speak to them, others that they manifest as they are, there are spiritists who ride the dead, while others have visions or reveal the future through dreams or using the cards, the leaves of the tea or nature.

The truth is that in one way or another they all serve the same purpose, which is encompassed in the terms serving spirits.

What must I do to develop spiritually?

From the moment a person discovers that he is a medium, his work must be directed towards his spiritual development, so that he can fulfill the mission that he brought with him when he arrived on earth.  

Mainly this is based on the assistance to their protective spirits and their adequate representation, which begins with the attention to the dead and the use of the prayers read in the spiritual vault, which serve as a bridge between the astral and terrestrial world.

The spiritual vault Well attended with its clean glasses, flowers and a candle that serves as light, it is all that is necessary for the spirits to communicate with the seers and transmit their messages through them:

  • Warnings,
  • tips and
  • needs

Powerful Prayer for Mediums

Almighty God, allow the good spirits to assist me in the communication I request.

Preserve me from the presumption of believing that I am sheltered from evil spirits, from the pride that could obscure the value of what I obtain, from any sentiment contrary to charity, with respect to other mediums.

If I make a mistake, inspire someone to the thought that they should warn me and me the humility that would make me accept criticism with appreciation and take for myself and not for others, the advice that good spirits will give me.

If for any reason I try to abuse or evade the faculty that you have seen fit to grant me, I beg you to withdraw it, before allowing me to divert it from its providential objective, which is the good of all and my moral advancement.

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