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I pray to help the deceased rise Light for those who are gone!

Prayer for the recently deceased Allan Kardec

When a loved one leaves for another better worldSadness and grief for his departure remains among his family and friends. Over time this wound heals and one learns to live with them from his spirit condition.

In the days close to death, a novena is held for the soul so that it can find the way to the light without difficulties.

This prayer of Allan Kardec for the recently deceased it partly pursues the same objective, but from a closer and more sentimental angle.

Prayer for the recently deceased by Allan Kardec

Almighty God: may your mercy be extended to that soul that you have just called to you.

May the trials you have suffered in this life be taken into account and our prayers may alleviate and shorten the pains that you still have to suffer as a spirit.

Good spirits who have come to receive him and above all your guardian angel, assist him to help him get rid of matter, give him light and self-awareness, in order to get him out of the disturbance that accompanies him.aña transition from bodily life to spiritual life.

Inspire him with repentance for the faults he has committed and the desire that he be allowed el repairrthem to activate your storage towards eternal life bliss.

(Name the recently deceased person) You have just entered the spirit world and yet you are present among us, you hear us and you listen to us, because there is no more difference between you and us, than the perishable body that you just left. leave and will soon be reduced to dust.

You have left the gross envelope subject to vicissitudes and death, you only preserve the ethereal and imperishable envelope, if you do not live by the body, you live in the life of the spirits and this life is exempt from the miseries that afflict humanity.

Nor do you have the veil that hides from our eyes the radiance of the future life, from now on you will be able to contemplate new wonders, while we are still submerged in darkness.

You are going to travel through space and visit the worlds with all freedom, while we drag ourselves painfully on the earth, in which our material body holds us, similar to a very heavy load for us.

The horizon of infinity will unfold before you and in the presence of such greatness you will understand the vanity of our earthly desires, of our worldly ambitions and of so many futile joys with which we delight ourselves.

Death is only for men a material separation of a few moments.

From the place of exile where the will of God still holds us and without forgetting the duties that we have to fulfill on earth, we will follow it with our thoughts until the moment that allows us to meet you, just as you have met with those who have preceded you.

If we can go to your side, you can come to ours, come among those who love you and who you have loved, support them in the trials of life, watch over those who are dear to you, protect them according to your power and calm their sorrows. with the thought that you are happier now and the comforting certainty of being reunited one day in a better world.

In the world where you are, all earthly resentments, which are inaccessible to them for your future happiness, must be extinguished, therefore, forgive those who have been able to do you any wrong, so that they forgive you what you may have done to you.

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