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Prayer to bless Monday: a prosperous and clear start to the week

Prayer for monday

Monday marks the beginning of the week with your arrivalThis being the perfect occasion to get closer to God and bless the day through prayer, a tool of salvation that illuminates the path to faith.

Monday is the right day to ask for the whole week to pass in peace and all the objectives are achieved.

Powerful beginning of the week prayer: Today Monday we pray to God

Lord, my father, you know my heart and my thoughts, that is why you really know what I am wanting in these moments, but I need you to listen to me as only you, beloved father, know how to do it.

Today Monday I want you to give me the opportunity to carry out all my plans, that throughout the week I can enjoy your blessing.

I want you to fill my soul with joy, I want to be able to enjoy you, your divine wisdom, to be able to do everything correctly and finish this week feeling that faith that only you can give me, before you I kneel, beloved father, so that you do not forget what I ask you, I want Monday to be a very special day, I want to radiate happiness, show the security that you have taught me to have.

Lord today Monday I want to ask you once again for the welfare of all my loved ones, that your blessing never lacks them, fill them with you today and every day of their lives.

I also want to ask your forgiveness, holy father, for all the sins that I have committed and promise that I will seek you more, I will be more grateful and I will seek more prayers in your name to be in this way more worthy of you.

Do not despise my pleas, beloved father, I pray this prayer for Monday, because I know that for you there is nothing impossible and you will be able to clear my path of bad thoughts and make me only surround myself with positive energy, that today Monday is one of my best days and be able to say with pride that I am your son.

Help me to be happy, to walk by your side, to purify my soul.

Lord of the Lords, father guide, protector of our soul, I want you to be my guide and allow me to enjoy your presence for a long time, to cleanse my mind of all bad thoughts and teach me to be a better person every day, give me strength to resist adversity and don't let me get off the good path, a path created for salvation. Amen.

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