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Prayer of a pregnant woman to protect her baby from harm

Prayer for pregnant woman

Bringing a new life into the world is a very big responsibility.

Being a mother is undoubtedly one of the careers that you never finish studying and in which only life examines you over and over again, often reaching the limit.

Through this prayer a mother asks for protection for her baby, wishing to be able to more than fulfill the mission that God has conferred on her, finding among her purposes to hold in her arms a piece of herself that she swore to love and protect forever. .

The mother prays for the health of her children even when they leave home to carve their own path, I would dare to say that there is no purer love than that of a mother for her children.

A woman can become a lioness when she feels that one of her cubs is in danger.

The mother is the first being to sacrifice herself for the good of her little ones, there is no peace when she does not know about them, when for reasons beyond her control she must be far away and console herself with the illusion of hugging them and seeing them again.

spiritualistic practices They assure that within the spiritual framework of a person, when their parent dies, they become one of their guardian spirits, becoming one of the beings that is most attached to the religious in order to protect them and see them happy.

Even beyond death, a mother will find herself with her children, because there is no force capable of annihilating a mother's love.

prayer during pregnancy to protect a woman and her child

Our father who art in Heaven,

See me here that I carry in my womb a little child,

Weak and vulnerable that is already transforming,

All my body and my heart.

Thank you for trusting me

Thank you for allowing me to host you.

As Mary welcomed Jesus,

On the day of the announcement.

Thank you for allowing me to host you.

How my mother welcomed me

when he discovered my presence

In the depths of herself.

Good Father who loves us,

I am in awe of this life

So secret and throbbing,

So fragile and full of promise.

Thank you for giving me the eyes of the heart,

That they allow me from now on to see my son

When it is not yet visible.

Father full of kindness,

Help me each day to do what I can do,

For this little one to be happy.

I ask you father all the thanks,

To be able to transmit to this son all the faith,

All the hope, all the love,

What I carry in my heart.

By Lastly, with my son who is yours before anything else,

I ask you father to keep us

always under your protection

Now and forever.


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