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Prayer for Oyá Yansa ► Asking for "prosperity and open roads"

Prayer for Oyá yansa

Oyá yansa He is an Osha and is closely related to Iku, the divinity of death.

She is the warrior that in nature causes storms, and strong winds that move everything in its path. From her the sparks are born and symbolizes the violent and impetuous character in life.  

What does the goddess represent? Oyá in the Yoruba religion?

the orisha Oyá

The Orisha Oyá he lives at the door of the cemeteries and represents the intensity of gloomy feelings, the world of the dead.

She is the guardian of the kingdom located between life and death, Goddess of clairvoyance who possesses immense psychic abilities.

She is one of the Orishas Muerteras, along with Obba and Yewá. Oyá exercises a special power over the egguns and spirits, for being this mother of 9 of them.

In nature it is symbolized by the spark and in the Yoruba religion together with the child Eleguá, the fortune teller Orula and Father Obatalá dominates the four winds.

It is she, fundamentally, who is responsible for bringing rapid changes and helps us in our internal and external transformations.

It is called with the sound of the flamboyant podoyán, one of his power elements.

Oyá represents the reincarnation of the ancestors, the lack of memory and the feeling of regret in the woman. As a warrior and a woman, she is impetuous and very strong, but also delicate and beautiful like no other.

It is also the Orisha of the Niger River, formerly called Oyá, by its 9 tributaries, born in Ira.

She is regarded as a warrior goddess, a lover of the fight that fought alongside Oggun, the owner of iron, and Shangó in the fields.añas that these performed.

The Patakíes say that she accompanied Shango when he left Òyo and was named queen of Kosso by him.  

Its name comes from the Yoruba and means:

  • Oya (Oló: owner - Oya: Darkness)
  • Yansa of the Yorùbá Iyámsá (Iyá: mother -Omó: children - Mesá: nine).

Prayers dedicated to the Queen of Centella Oyá:

Es Oyá highly protective of women who are leaders within their community and have the strength to claim their rights.

Those who cry out for her help are rewarded with the blessings of the Queen of the Flash.

to the mighty Oyá devotees also ask for happiness and fortune.

Many raise prayers to the goddess in stormy situations of misery and abandonment, because she will listen to our prayers and with her impetus she will support us until we manage to overcome this bad stage of life and achieve better results for our good and that of our family.

This is the prayer we dedicate to Oyá to ask for prosperity:

Oyá, Queen of Spark and Strong Winds, Impetuous Sovereign of Death

You who protect your devotees with immense power and do not allow evil to envelop them

My Queen, Lady of the 9 Colors and Mother of spirits, I come to you as your faithful son to ask you to listen to my request.

Goddess of clairvoyance, Guardian of the Portal between life and death, do not leave this, your faithful son, abandoned to his fate.

My Warrior, I ask you with your four winds to bring happiness and fortune to my life and help me to overcome this stage of sadness and anguish.

Light up Oyá, my path and my future and let my days from now on be better

Oyá, Lady of the Winds, Lightning and Storms, Mother of nine children,

Put an end to my needs and may my family never suffer hunger, misery, or ruin and may we not lack your blessing or prosperity in the future.

Blessed Mother, protect your children from all calamity and give us a glorious future, full of prosperity and abundance.

Bring me, my mother Oyá, fortune, money and prosperity.

Thank you Majestic Goddess for hearing my plea

and grant my wishes. So be it.

Offerings and rituals that you can perform in the name of Oyá:

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