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Miraculous prayer for God to hear me and help me in my situation

Prayer for God to help me

Through prayer, we can communicate with God, especially when we find ourselves in difficult situations and we require his support and comfort.

With prayers, we ask for your blessings and that you please take care of us and our loved ones every day.

Prayers to ask God for help give us:

  • Protection in all situations of our life
  • prayers for health
  • opportunity to pray for the sick
  • prayers for the welfare of the family
  • prayers for prosperity

There are numerous prayers that we can prayAs we can see, to seek God's help and also to thank his permanent protection, care and support.

There are also prayers based on the rosary and sacred words that are suitable to show our devotion and ask to be guided through the spiritual path to get out of a complicated situation.

Prayer is an important element for our security and tranquility, because praying to God for his help will also give us comfort and hope that everything will pass.

It is always good to go to God to clarify problems, but always with faith, a lot of humility and patience.  

How does request support with this prayer for God to help me?

If we are in a difficult moment and we believe that we have no way out, we must pray to God soon and ask for his help and guidance to overcome the problems.

Let us remember that these prayers and prayers must be done with great faith and from the depths of our hearts, showing love, devotion and humility.

So God will listen to us and offer us his comfort and guidance, until we succeed.

  • Choose a quiet place, either in our home or in nature, the important thing is that peace reigns so that we can meditate and make our request.

With this prayer we ask God to intercede:

Dear God, you who guide and protect me, I ask you to fill my soul and my being with your clarity and transparency.

Baña my being with honesty, may my life be a radiance of righteousness and happiness, according to the principles of your love and your grace.

My dear lord, stay in my heart, so that my actions are faithful to my essence of integrity and that those who come into contact with me can feel your presence in me, for your glory.

Beautiful father, I immensely request your help and your guidance to free me from the defects of my character, those that are an obstacle in the way of my salvation.

Help me to be honest with myself and to act calmly and fairly in all the decisions I make in my life.

May my thoughts be consistent with my feelings and may you be in their midst. Help me to radiate the light that comes from your holy spirit

My God, may your angels guide me, keep me from corruption, envy, rivalry, rancor and anger.

Lord, in these moments of anguish in which I am going through a difficult situation, I want you to be the one to act in my life, and solve these problems that I have not been able to solve:

(Tell the Lord your difficulties and ask for his powerful help)

Hear my prayer, miraculous and merciful Lord, because in my strength it is not possible to resolve my conflicts, on the other hand, when you are the one who acts in my life, everything turns out much better.

Lord, I know that sometimes I am anguished because in the world there is violence, insecurity, and other harsh situations that make me fear, that fill me with hopelessness, sadness and anguish,

but today I know that when you are by my side, life changes, because with you I can have tranquility, good sense, patience and charity, in the face of the things that I cannot change.

My heavenly Father, help me to forgive and forget the offenses that cause me and to achieve harmony, faith and peace that passes all understanding.

Forgive me also for my sins and allow me to hear your voice, to do the right thing, to get out of my selfishness and donate myself to others

Eternal Father, guide my actions and my words, so that my life is to your liking and is for you, a sower of hope, sincerity and joy.


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