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Prayer for a Mother who is in heaven: I pray for her eternal rest

Prayer for my mother to rest in peace

Mothers are the most important human beings on earth.

Despite the passing of the years and his own experiences, his advice never hurts.

His words of encouragement, coherent reasoning and affection are among the things that I miss the most.añan when these depart to the kingdom of heaven.

The loss of a mother is a hard blow for any living being, but fundamentally for the man, who will always keep her present in his daily life.

Prayers can help us How to pray for my mother?

The prayers and prayers dedicated to a deceased mother encompass all that affection that is felt for the one who has given us life, but in this new way of life it will not be received through hugs and kisses, but through verses, flowers and candles, for cite some of the attentions.

Prayer not only saves, it also comforts suffering and helps the spirit to rise and obtain development, this can be an effective means to drown the sorrows, turning them into messages of love and eternal memory for the one who brought us to this world.

This prayer helps us to create a link with the beyond, in order to send messages of longing.

These lines convey the gratitude felt for the spirit of a mother and the incalculable value of her love, this prayer shows that the dedication of a mother will never be forgotten.

Prayer for my Mother to rest in peace

My mother, I want to say that you were the peace and north of my life, I want to tell you that thanks to you we are in this world, thanks to you who gave us being, thanks to you who educated us, thanks to you we are what we are, You left, you went to heaven, you fulfilled your mission in life, you helped others and those in need, always attentive and aware of everything, how to forget your teachings and so many beautiful things that you gave us: your voice, your laugh.

Today my father I ask you with great humility, listen to my prayer and be attentive to the voice of my prayers, teach the way to my mother so that she is by your side sir, take her to rest in the kingdom of heaven.

My mother, a flower on your grave withers,

a tear on your memory evaporates,

a prayer for your soul is received by God.

Let the perpetual divine light shine for her. Rest in peace. Amen.

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