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A prayer to Saint Cyprian so that the loved one returns immediately

Prayer for the immediate return of the loved one Saint Cyprian

Tascio Cecilio Cipriano or San Cipriano, He was a Roman clergyman and writer, considered today a saint and a martyr of the Church.

He was born around the beginning of the 249rd century in North Africa, perhaps in Carthage and became a bishop in XNUMX.

His steadfast conduct during the Novacian heresy and outbreak of the plague, and the martyrdom he suffered at Carthage, is said to have demonstrated his holiness in the eyes of the Church.

Today, he is considered the most prominent Latin writer in Western Christianity until Jerome and Augustine of Hippo.

Saint Cyprian is a Saint who helps us in despair, but we must ask him with devotion and faith so that our loved one desperately seeks us.

How to invoke Saint Cyprian? What we must keep in mind

Many advise to dress in white, like Saint Cyprian, and visualize as we pray the person we desperately want to search for.

If possible, we should pray before an image or figure of the saint of urgent causes.

Let us have faith and remember that Cipriano is the saint who provides quick and urgent answers to the problems we face, he does not abandon us in difficult moments.

Before beginning the prayer we must know that:

  1. It is believed that for prayers to have more power, they should start on Saturdays, and for three days in a row ask the saint to help us and intercede for our problem.
  2. We can offer you a transparent glass with common water, wine, or candles, these are some of the offerings that are given with faith to the saint.
  3. The invocation is preferable that we do it in the mañana, or at night.

Cipriano will also help us if we have been victims of spells and witchcraft, from people or enemies who want to harm us.añar in life.

I pray to Saint Cyprian that your love desperately seeks you

With great faith and by candlelight we invoke with this prayer for the loved one to return immediately, to Saint Cyprian:

O Most Holy Saint Cyprian I come to you to ask for help, you who always respond to urgent and desperate causes

You who know that my love is strong and true, you who are in the heights and can see everything and without your consent no one can proceed.

I come to you glorious father, on my knees, to ask you to help me in this great need

Father, make my partner come to look for me desperately, already, that his thoughts are only mine,

May all your feelings towards me be reborn, may I not feel peace until I am completely by my side.

Oh powerful Saint Cipriano, you who see everything, know my suffering, my anxiety, my desires, my thoughts of being with (name of the person you want to return),

Please listen to my pleas and return it to me

Heal whatever wounds I have and let me come now

So that my path through life can be filled with happiness again

So be it, amen

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