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Prayer of petition to the Miraculous Santa Marta «Grant the impossible»

Prayer for Santa Marta

First close your eyes, breathe slowly, feel that the blessing of Santa Marta comes to your side, make your request for good, do it with a lot of love and she will fulfill it.

The Santa Marta, the "patron saint of the impossible" who has a name with great meaning "the lady and head of the household."

In the Catholic Church we celebrate it on July 29. Absolutely everything is asked of her that due to its difficulty is impossible to achieve, she grants everything that in this world we believe we cannot achieve.

Marta is the patron of cooks, maids, housewives, laundresses or hoteliers, of those who dedicate hours to housework.

However difficult you may grant a request, do it with great faith and love, from the heart, ask for the good and trust that it will come to your feet, and your paths will open.

How to make requests to the Saint?

To make requests to Santa Marta you can use a green candle in her name to invoke her, so that the request takes effect, begin this prayer on Tuesday, and the invocation will be made for 9 consecutive Tuesdays.   

Light the candle each day at prayer time, preferably at the same time of day.

No matter how difficult your request, be it for health, love, abundance or any problem or anguish that you need to solve in your life, the miraculous saint will grant it before the 9th Tuesday.

Effective prayer to Santa Marta for urgent and desperate requests:

Santa mía, Santa Marta, I take refuge in your protection and shelter in proof of my affection and faith I offer you this light that in your honor I will light every Tuesday.

Console me in my sorrows and for the immense happiness that you enjoyed by hosting the Savior in your home, intercede, intercede for me and for all my family so that we always keep God in our hearts and see all our needs resolved.

I beg you to have infinite mercy for the favor that I ask of you today.

(Make the request)

I beg you, my Saint, to overcome all difficulties, as you defeated the dragon at your feet. Amen

  • We pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and Glory.

With ecclesiastical approval: close your eyes ask for a wish for health, love, money, when you make the wish, ask for it with love and receive the wish with love and I will fulfill it.

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