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Miraculous Prayer to have faith and ask God to help us to be better

Prayer to have faith

Pope Clement XI was the religious responsible for creating with love a prayer capable of grouping the sacred commandments in its majority, where man was universally contemplated.

Through this prayer the religious asks God for the necessary help to strengthen his faith and redeem his sins.

This prayer encompasses such noble feelings as love for the Supreme, objectively rejecting:

  • The sins,
  • bad deeds and
  • the wrong decisions that unknowingly affect us directly and indirectly.

Prayer of Universal Faith to find yourself in God

I believe in you, Lord, but help me to believe more firmly; I hope in you, but help me to hope with more confidence; I love you, Lord, but help me to love you more ardently; I am sorry, but help me to have more pain.

I adore you, Lord, because you are my creator and I long for you because you are my last end; I praise you because you do not tire of doing me good and I take refuge in you, because you are my protector.

May your wisdom, Lord, direct me and your justice restrain me; may your mercy comfort me and your power defend me.

I offer you, Lord, my thoughts, to be directed to you; I offer my words, so that they speak of you; I offer you my works, so that I do everything for you; I offer you my sorrows, so that I suffer them for you.

Everything that You want, Lord, I want it, precisely because You want it, I want it as You want it, and for as long as You want it.

I ask you, Lord, to enlighten my understanding, to inflame my will, to purify my heart and sanctify my soul.

Help me to turn away from my past iniquities, to reject future temptations, to overcome my inclinations to wrongly cultivate the necessary virtues.

Grant me, God of goodness, love you, hate me, jealousy for others and contempt for the worldly.

Give me your grace to be obedient to my superiors, understanding with my inferiors, to know how to advise my friends and forgive my enemies.

Let sensuality conquer mortification, greed with generosity, anger with kindness, warmth with fervor.

May I know to be prudent, Lord, when advising, courage in the face of dangers, patience in difficulties, humility in prosperity.

Grant me, Lord, attention when praying, sobriety when eating, responsibility in my work and firmness in my purposes.

Help me to preserve my purity of soul, to be modest in my attitudes, exemplary in my conversations and to lead an orderly life.

Grant me your help to control my instincts, to foster in me your life of grace, to fulfill your commandments and obtain my salvation.

Teach me, Lord, to understand the smallness of the earthly, the greatness of the divine, the brevity of this life and the eternity of the future.

Give me a good preparation for death and a holy fear of judgment, to free me from hell and reach paradise. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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