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Beautiful prayer for a new year that begins and give thanks to God

Prayer for a new year that begins

Surround ourselves with love, good vibes, positive energy And, above all, with a lot of faith, it is the perfect recipe to start the year and welcome it.

We must be aware that a new year has arrived, the beginning of another cycle, so we can make a prayer to reflect, thank and ask for forgiveness in the company of our loved ones.

These are also times to carry out spiritual cleansing, to remove everything bad from our lives and to start the new year with the best wishes.

Let us remember that a year full of difficulties ended, still characterized by the confrontation with a strong pandemic, but in which we have witnessed hopes for a cure, for unity, for peace and love.

Now that we are in the first days of the new year, we must know and reflect that this will also bring us challenges, but also joys and goals to meet.

And as it is always said that, to start the year with good energy, one must be grateful to the previous year and act from love, let us remember to unite with our loved ones on these dates of the beginning of the cycle, and give thanks to God and our spiritual guides, showing them our faith and trust in their protection and blessings.

Prayer to bless the new year and give thanks

We can say the prayers to thank the new year alone or with our loved ones. And let's remember that we can do them next to an altar, in nature or in some secluded and quiet place in our home.

We must pray with great faith and with positive vibes that attract good things for this new stage of our life.

We can then raise the following sentence to start this new cycle, light if you want a white candle or the color you have at home, the essential thing is light.

Powerful prayer of thanks to God for a new year

Thus we dedicate a prayer to God and our spiritual guides to start the year with their blessings.

Lord I beg you and my spiritual guides, you who guide my steps so that I always walk the path of love of health of peace and happiness...

My eternal guide, for allowing me to start this year I want to thank you, and for all that we receive from you.

Thank you for life and love, for the flowers, for the air and the sun, for the joy and the pain, for how much it was possible and for what it could not be.

Thank you for always giving me, Father, your immense protection and your light

I also thank you for the new friends, those who are closest and those who are further away, those who gave us their hand and those whom I was able to help, with whom I shared life, work, pain and joy.

But also, Lord, today I want to ask your forgiveness, forgiveness for the lost time, for the money wasted badly, for the useless word and the wasted love. Sorry for all that I have erred in.

 At the beginning of this new year, I stop my life before the new calendar, to ask you for me and mine peace and joy, strength and prudence, especially good health.

I want to live each day with optimism and kindness, carrying around a heart full of understanding and peace.

May my spirit be filled only with blessings and may all good things come in that 2022 (it can substitute for the current year). Amen

It would be positive to start the year with a prayer every day:

Learn about these prayers that we share below for each day of the week.

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