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I pray to the Grandmothers, guardian angels who take care of us from heaven

Prayer for a deceased grandmother

Grandmothers and grandchildren always have that special connectionThese allow grandchildren to do many of the mischief that their children did not admit at the time.

In this way, as we grow up, we become a little closer to whoever becomes a second mother.

The grandmother is the person who most consents and the one who embodies the popular phrase: The mother of the chicks.

For it welcomes everyone home under its wings, protecting them from evils and accommodating requests.

When a grandmother passes away, she feels an emptiness that is impossible to repair and over time the loss is accepted, but that incomparable love that only she could offer is never forgotten, because her place in the family is irreplaceable.

Praying to God for my granny's spirit to be full of light

Through the prayer that we present to you today, God is asked to keep grandmothers in a sacred place in heaven.

Although we know that they will not settle for paradise, they prefer to go down to earth to continue watching over the family as they did yesterday.

This prayer is fused in a mixture of love and gratitude for that being who gave everything in life and who, from his spirit form, continues to fight because the roads do not twist, because peace and harmony reign in the home, to free us from danger, for our happiness and to see that our life is filled with blessings.

Although the greatest gift we have received was to have had her in life and to have been able to enjoy her incomparable affection.

We will never forget our grandmother, that is why we dedicate this prayer to her so that her memory will perpetually reign in our hearts.

Prayer for a deceased grandmother

Lord Jesus Christ who wanted to have a mother on earth, the Virgin Mary, look with compassionate eyes on your servant (mention the full name of the grandmother).

Who you have called from within our family.

And through the intercession of Saint Mary of Guadalupe, bless the love that we always had for her and that she always had on earth, to love us from heaven and guide us along the path of good and unity.

May heaven continue to help us.

Take her under your miraculous protection and also all those who have had to abandon people on earth.

You who live and reign forever and ever. Amen Jesus.

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