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Powerful Prayer to overcome a person's pride. So be it!

Prayer to overcome a person's pride

We all know very proud people and we know that they are often a bit difficult to deal with.

Sometimes those proud people are dear to us too, so we wish they didn't act so arrogant.

Pride is a weight on the shoulders, despite the fact that most people who suffer from it give a strong and confident image to the world.

However, that proud person will see many doors close because humility is a quality that they lack and that is extremely necessary to face this world in which we live.

Therefore, if we have a proud family member or friend, we can resort to prayers to overcome pride and put an end to arrogance in order to facilitate their life and improve the communication of that person with those close to them.

These prayers are beneficial, and they cause the proud person to abandon that way of being that affects everyone around him and can derail his un humble plans and goals.

Strong and miraculous prayer for pride to be taken away from that person

Let us remember that to pray we must do it from the heart and with great faith, always looking for a quiet and secluded place to be able to communicate our thoughts to our spiritual guides.

We can light a white candle if we wish, to give spiritual light.

In addition, we must consciously raise our prayers for several days from fidelity and respect.

  • We propose now, a powerful prayer to disappear and overcome the pride of a person

My Lord Jesus Christ, I come to you full of faith to beg you for help and guidance

I want to ask you with all my heart to help (person's name) overcome pride

Their behavior and prejudices prevent us from being happy and communicate better, and lead to misunderstandings and problems.

He / she (name) is a good person, but their pride must disappear so that they can express their feelings and emotions

He is such a proud person that sometimes I don't even know how to address him / her without offending or annoying him.

So I ask you, mighty Lord, from the bottom of my heart, to help me show him that he hurts me with the attitudes he has taken from time to time.

I know that you, dear Lord, God the Father, will make him see reason, I know that you will touch his heart and make him see reason.

All my faith is in God, the Father, and his infinite power. Please break this terrible feeling now! Amen!

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