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How do we ask Yewa with a Prayer to guide us on the right path?

Prayer for Yewa

We don't pray to the Orisha Yewa with insecurities. We must bear in mind that she demands respect and a lot of faith in her powers and in her immense wisdom in order for us to be worthy of her blessings.

For this reason, we must clearly think about what we want to ask of this Orisha and pray to her with confidence, speaking to her of our fears and also of our joys and satisfactions.

We ask her for her protection to make good decisions in life and always follow the best path. Without forgetting to thank.

We ask Yewá to guide us on a path free of errors and we ask him to help us overcome obstacles with his immense wisdom.

Offerings that the Orisha Yewa likes:

Let us also bear in mind, when praying to Yewá, that the favorite food of this orisha is fresh fish garnished with tomatoes, gofio with fish and peanut balls.

Although from the heart we can offer what we have, the light of a candle, a flower, or a simple thought of gratitude.

Likewise, it must be consecrated with animals that must be young, female and that retain their virginity such as small goats, pigeons and guinea fowls.

Yewá can also be offered plants such as:

  • Ewes (plants) such as holy basil, tamarind, grape, with the medicinal plant known as yerba de garro.
  • flowers of the framb treeoyán, the geraniums, cemetery flower, camphor, and mugwort.

The offerings that are given to Yewá are usually presented in a basket that is generally woven into branches, which is upholstered with fabrics of pink, her favorite, and red.

With this prayer for Yewa we can invoke her and light white or pink candles for her and ask her with great faith to listen to our request.

Prayer for Yewá: Asking for help to move forward and ward off evil

Yewá, My pure and divine goddess, You are the Owner of Wisdom

With faith and trust I come to you Great Orisha, you who help your children to follow the path of good

You who remove the difficulties of the paths and do not allow obstacles to limit the strength of your children and devotees

My strong and wise Orisha, powerful woman, you who in solitude guard the border of the spiritual world

Our Mother, sweet and courageous, you who illuminate with your gifts the darkest path and take care of your children in this world full of dangers

I ask you, Great Yewá, to give me your protection and fill me with faith and confidence to continue on the right path

Keep away from me, Wise Mother, evil and all the temptations that can make me err in my faith

Do not allow danger to stalk me and guide me to make the right decisions in life, until I reach my final destination

Thank you my wise mother, for lighting my life with your eternal blessing

So be it

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