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The Powerful Prayer to Shango that you must know to Win Battles

Powerful prayer to Shango

Shango was once a king, warrior and sorcerer, who by mistake destroyed his home and his wife and children and then became an orisha according to Yoruba mythology.

The deity of Shango is bewitching and absorbing, its power is immense within the Yoruba pantheon.

His name in Yoruba is Ṣángó and it is the orisha of justice that in nature manifests its power through fire, sun, lightning, storms and thunder.

Chango was the fourth (or third) legendary king of Oyó, in Nigeria. He was a great monarch who unified an entire people.

As an orisha his character is violent and vindictive, although always righteous.

He also represents virile strength, and is the owner of dance, music and Batá drums, the instruments that connect men on earth with the yoruba deities.

What really defines Shango it is his royalty, his art of legislating, of making war, his strength and his relationship with fire and lightning, among other powerful energies that make him a warrior.

How to attend the Orisha before beginning your prayers?

We can venerate the orisha with offerings that please him, among them are:

  • Amalá, made from corn flour, milk and okra
  • Fruits such as green bananas, mamey, Indian banana, red apples
  • Drinks like otí (brandy) and a glass of red wine in your name,
  • Other foods such as roasted corn, barley, birdseed.
  • Flowers like red roses or black princes.

To venerate the orisha before the prayer we can place in his name a red or white candle, or a homemade wick, and in the light of this we entrust ourselves to his power, we thank him and ask for his help.

1. A powerful prayer to Chango the god of justice to defeat and free himself from enemies

Lord my Father, infinity is your great abode in space, your energy point is in the rocks of the waterfalls.

With your justice you made a building fit for a king.

My Father Shango, you who are the defender of the justice of God and of men, of the living and beyond death, you, with your golden ax, defend me from injustice, covering me with evils, debts, evil persecutors.

Protect me my glorious Father Shango, always right on the roads that I will pass with the force of this prayer, I will always be with you, freeing myself from despair and pain, from enemies and envious people, from bad-tempered people and from false friends.


2. Powerful prayer to Shango to have good luck and open paths

Mighty Shango, Orisha, Father, companion and guide, Lord of balance and justice, helper of the universal Law.

Only you have the right to accompanyañar, for eternity, all causes, all defenses, accusations and elections caused by disorder. actions of the pure and beneficial acts that we practice.

Lord of all the massifs and mountains, symbol and seat of your planetary performance in the physical, astral and mental.

Sovereign Lord of balance and equity, watch over the integrity of our character, give us luck, open roads, health and all that good we deserve before your power and justice.

Help us with your prudence. Defend us from our perversions, ingratitude, antipathies, falsehood, debauchery and undue judgment, from the actions of our brothers in humanity.

You alone are the great judge, my Shango, listen to me.

We share some powerful offerings on behalf of Shango:

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