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Start Friday with a prayer to get closer to God and thank him

Powerful Friday Prayer

Friday is a special day, as this begins the weekend, culminating in this way with the arrival of a busy load of work belonging to the previous days.

That is why he must rejoice in God to start the march of this day full of faith and under the protection of the Creator, in order to fulfill the will that he created for us on the journey.

The powerful Friday prayer

Let's pray on Friday and draw closer to the Lord:

Lord Jesus today I woke up thinking about all the difficulties that I will have and I am not lying to you that I came to have some fear and concern, but then when I felt the first rays of light in my eyes I felt you and I understood that I have nothing to fear, because there are no difficulties when you are by my side. 

With you Lord there are only blessings, there is only a spirit of love and compassion, with you there is only health and joy, there is only the happiness of feeling a new day, with you Lord I can only find the happiness of living a new day, that is the joy of being a child of God, because when we become part of your family, we also inherit your divine virtues.

No matter that you will bless me a lot on this day, I ask you Lord, continue to bless me even more, because your blessings will never be over, I do not want to waste my day complaining or criticizing others, because those things only make me get away from you and from me. heart I tell you that I only have eyes for you, for your love, for your goodness, for your mercy that you always have for me.

Thank you Lord for being able to start the day in your hands, under the wonder that you created, under the blue sky, under the sun that you put to illuminate us and give us warmth, because all those creations you put them so that your children can connect to you, to see you, because the natural beauties that we can see are samples of your power.

That's why this mañana I glorify you ratifying that I don't need another God but you.

I ask God that you continue to guard and protect me so that I do not have to worry about myself and dedicate myself more to remembering your name, because in that name I am full.

Amen Lord thank you very much and the rest of this day I am ready to serve you in whatever you need or call me.

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