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Powerful prayer to Clean my House and protect it from Enemies and Evils

Powerful prayer to clean my house

Home is the special place where we feel happy and protected from everything that generates distrust and anxiety in us.

It is a sacred temple for each family, there we rest, sleep and renew our energies.

Therefore, when we feel that this protective temple becomes threatening and we are filled with insecurities, we must clean it, since negative energies may have penetrated that will cause us numerous problems and will take the peace from our home.

There are several powerful prayers designed to cleanse the house of all evil and all witchcraft that wants to harm us.

In addition, to accompanyañar prayers, we must know that there are different ways to clean our home such as:

  • Holy water, flowers, candles, and essential oils
  • Incense and Incense
  • Waters made with herbs, flowers and food, such as rice or cinnamon
  • Cleansing with protective herbs like rue and rosemary

At the end of the article we leave some of the cleaning that you can do at home, in the business, even on your body, to drive away all the bad, or click here to view Spiritual Cleansing.

Prayer to clean the house of all evil and remove bad energies

Here is a powerful prayer to remove spells and hexes that have been placed in homes, in addition to removing negative energy:

In the name of God the almighty father who protects our lives

I entrust my house to your majesty at this moment

I invoke your protection and I beg you to annul all sorcery cast in my house

Because you are the conqueror of evil, cover my home with your mighty blood Lord

May your angels guard my home day and night

Seal the rooms where my family rests and seal the entrance and exit

Protect with your immense light the lives of all those hereabitan

Remove all evil that wants to harm us that all feeling of discomfort of spiritual heaviness is annulled and that your powerful action covers us and

to the floor that supports our feet all the bad things go away, because I command it in the name of Jesus Christ

Because if I'm with you, nothing is against me

I praise you and I bless you Lord, I trust in your mighty power

Done is in the mighty name of the Son's Father and Holy Spirit,


We recommend some of these powerful cleanses:

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