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Prayer for the recently deceased How to strengthen their souls?

prayer for the dead

The loss of a loved one leaves a scar on the soul that is impossible to heal, there is no consolation capable of mitigating the pain that is felt after the separation of a loved one.

The only thing left is the resignation of wishing him a lot of spiritual light and peace so that he can achieve all the evolution that his soul needs so that he can rest.

There are people who say they do not want to return to the cemetery once they have buried their family member, as they allege that their mortal remains are the only thing they will find there and that they consider it more appropriate to reconcile a reunion with their spirit.

What happens after death?

There are many theories that relate what happens once we leave this world.

For sure no one has been able to decipher this great mystery, but spiritualists Experts on the subject say that:

  • The spirits become stronger after a year of their death, when they really manage to dominate the astral plane completely.

Fact that later allows them to pass over human matter and return to step on the terrestrial plane.

Spiritually, the recently deceased must go through a process for their soul to be strengthened:

  • First these must be aware that they have left the earth plane,
  • a series of prayers must be extended to him until the ninth day after his death,
  • place white flowers
  • a year after his death, begin to perform masses for him, so that the person transmits to his relatives the information that he considers should be given to him.

Tips for catering to this family spirit:

The ideal is to incorporate it into the ceremonies that are given to Eggun (spirits) in the home and mention it when a candle is lit and offerings are placed, so that it feels part of the ritual. 

In some religious houses there is the custom of placing a portrait of the deceased in the spiritual vault and placing flowers there and dedicating a glass of water to him, an action that is correct despite the fact that not all temples carry it out. 

prayer for the dead so that they rest in peace

I commend you to Divine Mercy, I bless your Light and I ask the Holy Spirits, who have already left this plane, to lead you along paths of clarity and peace.

Ascend and evolve in Peace.

May the Peace of God envelop your soul and may his Love fill you with happiness.

We send you our love and ask for your speedy Ascension to the Father.

So be it. Amen.

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