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Do you know this Prayer to Saint Lazarus to ward off evils? Make your request

Prayer Saint Lazarus ward off evils

Saint Lazarus has been known since ancient times as the help of the poor, sick and animals.

His syncretism in the Rule of the Ocha or Santeria is the Orisha Babalú Ayé, deity of plagues and diseases.

Both are celebrated on December 17, although prayers are very often dedicated to them, considered a powerful way to ask for miracles from these deities.

In Cuba, thousands of devotees gather on December 17 in their homes and in the Sanctuary of El Rincón to celebrate such a miraculous saint in syncretism with the respected and powerful Orisha.

How and when to pray to Saint Lazarus?

The Catholic Church has publicly recognized the power of Saint Lazarus, making him one of the saints who are venerated in the faith and to whom prayers are dedicated.

Devotees also carry flower offerings and light white or purple candles for him.

To make a prayer or prayer or bring flowers to Saint Lazarus, no ideal time has been designed.

  • Recall that We must do it when our heart and faith ask us to do so and not only to ask the saint, but to thank him and remind him that we always keep him in mind.

But we can also call it when despair overwhelms us and we are subjected to strong pressure.

It is important to keep in mind that his blessing can save us or ease our burden if we pray to him from the heart and showing devotion and great faith, so that the saint decides to help us.

The prayer to Saint Lazarus to make urgent and desperate requests

Before praying to him with great faith and humility, light a purple or white candle in his name, and if you have, do it in front of his image. Otherwise it does not matter, do it invoking its power with this prayer.

Saint Lazarus, friend of Jesus Christ and protector of those who suffer

I come to you because I am in agony and I know that you can save me in this time of need and despair

Listen to this Prayer Saint Lazarus, help me to keep evils out of the way, do not leave me alone.

Please listen to the prayers of this, your faithful devotee, and do not let grief seize my life.

You who knew the pain of illness and despair, kindly accept my pleas, I implore your help in this hour of anguish (make the request that is needed).

I pray in my name to Jesus, do not allow me to lose heart and give me the strength to face this sad situation that I am now going through

Please my Blessed Saint Lazarus, friend and protector of those who suffer, I ask you that evil does not come to my family

Miraculous Saint Lazarus, resurrected by the divine power of Jesus Christ, I beg you for that moment in which Jesus with those words commanded you to come out of the tomb, that you intercede with me before the Divine Master

So that through your mediation I may be granted salvation, so may my miraculous old man be.


Rituals in the name of Saint Lazarus, merciful saint:

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