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Beautiful prayer to Obatalá and the Mercedes for Petition in Difficult Cases

Prayer Virgin of the Mercedes Obatalá

The image of the Virgin of La Merced, brought to America in colonial times, has become very popular among devotees.

In Cuba, the deity was syncretized with the Orisha Obbatalá of the Yoruba pantheon, as part of the process of transculturation of the culture and religious roots of the Island.

The Virgin of Las Mercedes is known as the patron saint of recluses or prisoners. She is known as a mystical reference to the Virgin Mary, highly revered in España and those Spanish-speaking nations.

And not only in Cuba is his cult popular, but his figure is sacred in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador and the United States.

The image is always adorned with a white cloak and a scapular with the insignia of the Order of Mercy on his chest. He also wears a crown and carries a scepter.

Worship of the Virgencita de las Mercedes and the Orisha Obbatalá How to ask them?

The Virgen de las Mercedes is venerated in Cuba in syncretic worship with the Orisha Obbatalá, father of the world, bestower of tranquility and peace, owner of heads and counselor.

He is the Orisha who maintains the peace of the world, who advises his children and devotees and guides them with love and patience along the way. 

Obbatalá is an Orisha who likes everything clean and pure, that's why his symbol is white.

Prayers are offered to the Virgin of Las Mercedes and to Obbatalá to thank her or request favors.

In addition, prayers are raised to them and they are prayed to vent the worries and joys and to ask for mercy for our loved ones who have been denied freedom.

Tips before asking the Santa and the Orisha

Prayers and supplications are our way of expressing love and faith, it is important to prepare ourselves before praying.

  • We must pray to them in a quiet and very clean place.
  • Let's always dedicate a lit white candle as a way of gratitude. 
  • You can repeat this prayer every day until your request is granted.
  • If you wish, place white flowers as an offering in his name, such as roses or gladioli.
  • Let us pray with faith and trust in his guidance and his powers.

Powerful Prayer to Our Lady of Mercy and Obatalá for difficult cases

My Virgin of Mercedes, you are full of glory, mother loved by all your children and faithful

Obbatalá Father Orisha powerful, counselor and benefactor of all those who ask for your help and guidance

You who are protectors of prisoners, of unwon causes, who protect your faithful from injustice and deceit

Today I come to ask you to listen to my prayers, to protect the unprotected and to offer me the necessary support to move forward in these difficult times I am facing.

That through his divine mediation I can achieve (EXPLAIN THE REQUEST WITH GREAT FAITH)

Obbatalá, take my restlessness and my anguish, you who bless peace and love to your children,

Virgin of Mercy, shelter me under your mantle and do not allow dangers and misfortunes to surround me

I ask you to guide me to find a prompt and effective solution to get out of this complex situation and continue walking the path of life with you by my side.

So be it, Amen

After the prayer you can make an offering to Father Obatalá:

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