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Make a Request! Prayer to the Virgin of Regla and Yemayá for health and more

Our Lady of Regla Yemayá Prayer

To the Virgin of Regla, in syncretism with the powerful Orisha of the Yoruba Yemayá Pantheon, mother of the world and goddess of the seas, we ask you for health, love, abundance and good luck.

We beg the protector of the Havana bay to cleanse those evils that lie in wait for us with her waters, to remove enemies, traps and diseases.

The Virgin of Regla is one of the most popular and revered Marian devotions in Cuba, a cult that came from Spain.aña and joined the African roots of this Island.

She was recognized for the first time in Cuba as the patron saint and protector of sailors and her cult began in Regla, former Guanicama, in 1687.

The first carved image of this dedication arrived thanks to don Pedro de Aranda y Evell and they decided to take it to the hermitage on September 8, 1696, for the celebration of the Nativity of Mary.

How do the religious venerate the patron saint of the bay?

In the town of Regla a temple is erected where the image of the black virgin is exhibited, a place where many Cubans go every year and there they visit her to ask for miracles and give thanks.

Catholic and Yoruba devotees arrive loaded with white roses as an offering for the Virgen de Regla and Yemayá, figures of the same syncretic cult.

There, next to the waters, they thank the deities and ask for love, health, fertility, wisdom and protection.

By means of baskets of white roses that float in the blue waters, the believers raise prayers asking that evils and illnesses be warded off.

Do you know this powerful prayer to the Virgin of Regla and Yemayá?

This is one of the prayers that is used to ask for health or that request that you wish to the Virgin of Regla or the Orisha Yemayá.

Keep these in mind advice before invoking the virgin and the Yoruba Orisha:

  1. Choose a quiet place, either in your home or in nature, if it is by the sea, much better.
  2. Light a white or blue candle in the name of the holy orisha before praying to her.
  3. Have a lot of faith and clear the purpose or request that you want to ask the deity of the sea.

Virgin of Regla, Majestic, powerful Yemayá

Mothers of the waters, bestowers of life and love

Owner of the world's treasures, you who protect the bay and keep sailors away from danger

You who protects your children under your mantle of good

Today I ask you, sovereign in your domains of the Sea

You who have your heart always open to the forgiveness and understanding of your children,

I pray that you take away this evil that sickens my body and mind,

that you take the obstacles of the way, all adversity and anguish

That you take with your waters the pain what I carry in my heart

Before you Oh, Mother, I humbly come to beg you with faith,

Surrendered at your feet to make a request (order now)

Protective mother, shelter and custodian, do not forsake me in this difficult time

And let him be your healthy child again, to continue to adore you the rest of the way.


When praying to Yemayá and to the virgin you can offer them:

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