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How to ask a favor from the powerful and wise Yewá? Queen of mysteries

Yewá prayer

Yewá is the mighty Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon that dances between death and spirits.

Represents loneliness, containment of feelings, female chastity, virginity and sterility, the mystery of the universe.

What characterizes Yewá in the Yoruba religion?

  • Yewá is known for her virgin quality, for her exotic appearance, a symbol of beauty and sensuality, although she never gave herself to any man, she was always chaste, protecting herself from everything impure.
  • She is also represented as an old woman of ancestral knowledge and wisdom, very sweet and severe at the same time, due to her strict character as well as Oduduwa.
  • Habita in cemeteries and sarcophagi, and its name in Yoruba means "our mother".
  • The Orisha Yewá is in charge of decomposing the human body and it is attributed to her that she possesses great wisdom and that is why the animal that acts as a messenger of this deity is the owl.
  • It is said that Yewa is a main part of the Iyamis (witches) and that she is their patron.

In Santeria or the Rule of Osha, his cult is strongest in the eastern part of Cuba, where Yewá is invoked and his protection is implored.

Tips for praying to the Orisha of loneliness

Those children and devotees of this Orisha know that she does not like mistakes and that although perfection does not exist, she demands it from her children on Earth.

People call Yewa for her advice and guidance in making decisions in life.

Many ask Yewá for wisdom and decision-making power in the face of the ups and downs of life.

Some attentions Yewá receives:

  • In some cults the offerings to the goddess Yewá are made at night and when she requests it, that is, her rites must also be performed when she marks it.
  • Yewá must be placed high on an altar in his honor located in a secluded and above all quiet place, it can be decorated with different colors and attributes of his deity.
  • Foods are offered to him such as entomatado fish, gofio with fish, and peanut balls.
  • The animals that are sacrificed to him must be young, female and virgins.
  • Other offerings that are given to him are presented inside a basket that is generally woven in branches, which is upholstered with pink fabrics, his favorite, and red.

How do we ask for the help of Yewá, the mighty Orisha?

Yewá is prayed with immense respect, taking into consideration his immense wisdom and knowledge.

She will only come to our aid if we show her our effort and intelligence when making decisions and she will illuminate the way for us so that we can see obstacles and avoid them.

That is why many ask Yewá in favor, to act correctly and in the best sense.

  • This is how you pray to the Deity Yewá, queen of loneliness and wisdom, a prayer that we can accompanyañar of flowers, fruits and a white candle to give light to its power.

Prayer to Yewá to beg for his holy protection:

The Prayer to Yewá is always powerful, do it with faith and above all give thanks.

Lover of the pink sky, Lover of enigmatic afternoons, Lover of charged clouds, Rainbow mat. Lady of possibilities, advantages, paths, charm and beauty.

Lady of joy and happiness. Great Lady dispel the clouds from my ways, oh mighty princess. Invoke the forces of the winds in my name.

May the rain cover me with prosperity. May your crown cover my destiny.

Oh princess mother of the cult, may he be your lost and blessed son.

what the hellañaMay the mist that exists today in my steps be clear! So be it!

Ashé Yewá!

A powerful prayer to Yewá to make a special request

Yewá, Witch and lady of wisdom, protector deity, lady of roads

I come to you Great Orisha, to implore you to help me follow the path of good

I beg you, let me see the obstacles and remove the difficulties from the trails. Lend me your strength and wisdom to make the right decisions

My Orisha, powerful woman, you who alone watch the border of the spiritual world and take care of your children from dangers and mistakes (Grant me this request).

I ask you, Great Yewá, to give me your protection and fill me with faith and confidence to continue on the right path

Wise Mother, Old Woman, put away everything that hurts me

Do not allow danger to stalk me and guide me to make the right decisions in life, until I reach my final destination

Thank you my wise mother

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