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5 Short prayers to Eleguá for the Yoruba prince to open paths for us

Prayers to Eleguá

To Eleguá, prince of the Rule of Osha, we ask for your guidance to achieve happiness and prosperity.

To the one who has the keys to all the doors and is in charge of guarding the different roads that we may encounter, we implore his blessings.

Why is Eleguá so powerful in Santeria?

Offerings to Eleguá for money
Representation of Eleguá

Eleguá is the Orisha lord of the roads and destiny, for this reason it is usual to say a prayer to him so that the path we are interested in traveling can be opened.

The meaning of his name is "the messenger prince " and as a warrior and the first orisha to be received in the Yoruba religion, his mission is to protect the roads, the savannah, the mountain and the entrance of each home.

Eleguá is one of the 7 African powers, that is, one of the seven primordial gods of the Yoruba Pantheon.

Whenever there is a Yoruba religious act, it is the first to be called, and the last to leave.

Represents the beginning and the end of any path in the Santeria, good and evil, birth and death, the perpetual balance of life.

Eleguá is the messenger of the gods and is the one who allows the offerings to reach the deities for which they are destined.

In the Catholic religion, the little warrior of the Ocha syncretizes with various saints such as the holy Child of Atocha and Saint Anthony of Padua.

Petitions to Eleguá, to the messenger of the Osha we ask that you intercede

Usually the devotees pray to this deity for the opening of the routes or roads, but also to the warrior and protector requests are raised regarding love, domination and well-being.

To pray to Eleguá we must always remember to show a total and open faith that the Orisha will solve our problem.

In addition, we must never go to him with ulterior motives, nor ask evil for anyone, because we run the risk that the Orisha will abandon us and get upset.

What is asked of Eleguá?

We pray to Eleguá with powerful prayers for a wide variety of problems, since it is the Orisha who has the keys to the doors and who can open the paths for us.

But essentially, these are the prayers that are raised to you:

  • For the love. We ask Eleguá to open the path of love for us, so that we can find that special person who accompanies us.añawill be on the road of life. He is also asked for a lost love and is begged to sweeten our image for that loved one.
  • For the money. This request is made to the Orisha as one of those things that people always need. When our source of economic income is blocked by bad vibes, we call on Eleguá to guide us and clear for us the paths of prosperity and abundance.
  • To ward off enemies. Sometimes our paths can be overshadowed by the bad energies of our enemies, which can destabilize our lives. That is why we call on Eleguá to get him out of the way and clear the negative energy.
  • For protection and health. We ask Eleguá to give us his immense protection, as the first warrior we received when we began our spiritual path.
  • To open the roads. Eleguá is the Orisha par excellence who can open all kinds of paths in our life. It can also give us the ability to recognize which ones are best for us.

We pray to the deity to show us the best way to follow and guide us, making our way through those paths that we have to take, so that we are out of any danger and free from threat.

How to ask Eleguá to open the roads for us?

Let us remember that to pray to Eleguá, we can go to the mountain, his temple, and speak with great faith about our problems and joys.

But we can also pray to him in a quiet corner of our home where we place offerings of his favorite sweets and fruits, then we light a candle for him.

Thus we raise the prayers to Eleguá, which like these can be short and simple to ask for his help and guidance in certain problems:

1. Powerful prayer to Eleguá to open the paths of Love

Great Orisha, my father Eleguá, mighty saint

Only you are capable of giving me the necessary success with respect to love.

I ask you, prince, to watch my way in love. You, eternal messenger of good fortune, bring that special someone into my life.

I implore you to open the door of love for me and that of (mentioning your beloved) leads my steps together with that person's. She takes both me and her by my hand.

To be able to travel together, paths covered with your radiant light.

Thank you very much for listening to me great Osha. I know that all your actions are for my well-being

I fully trust your will. Ashé

2. Prayer to Prince Eleguá for Money and fortune

How to ask Elegua for money? Put a lot of faith in it and always ask for development in your life.

Eleguá, Prince de la Ocha, I come to ask you to open the paths of my life in all financial matters that arise.

I need your majestic hand, Eleguá, so that you illuminate my paths, and do not find in them any bad vibes or bad influence that could harm my path to success.

It opens for me the paths of success, money, fortune and financial fulfillment, since life is difficult and wealth is scarce.

I know that you will not fail me, oh great Osha Elegguá. So be it

3. Prayer to Eleguá to ask for his Protection and help

Great Eleguá, warrior and prince, powerful protector of your faithful

Guide my steps and provide me with your infinite strength, health and abilities so that I can cross all the doors that arise.

Protect me my saint, and rid my path of negative energies. May no evil come to me or mine

Grant me abundance and may happiness reach my soul, my mind, my home, my work and those close to me.

Thanks to your great source of light that you maintain. Ashé

4. Prayer to Eleguá to Open Paths and ward off evil

Great Eleguá, my guide and protector, I ask you to cleanse with your light the difficulties that are in my path or path.

Drive away bad influences and keep curses or bad vibes out of my footsteps.

I invoke you almighty Eleguá and I beg you to keep me away from dangerous paths, from sadness and misfortune and so that my path is always illuminated by your immense power.

Elegguá, I implore that my relatives and dearest people have their ways free from all evil. Ashé

5. Prayer to Eleguá against Enemies

Eleguá, my Father, the first of all my protectors, I ask that you illuminate my path.

Protect me at all hours, night and day.

Drive away those who wish to attempt against me, your faithful devotee, or against my family. Grant me the happiness of your guide and your protection for all the journeys of my life. Amen

Some offerings that you can give to the Lord of the Eleguá road:

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