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Prayers to the Virgin of the Rosary: ​​The Victor of the Battles of Life

Prayers to the Virgin of the Rosary

October 7 is celebrated the Virgin of the Rosary, Marian invocation that according to the legend that surrounds it, reminds us of the importance of addressing Our Mother through the recitation of the Holy Rosary.

That is why we are witnesses of many people who go to mass and are accompaniedañar of a Rosary, praying through its beads and invoking the Mother of God to extend her hand and bless the Earth.

Legend has it that it was the Mother of God herself who entrusted her faithful to pray to her through the Rosary, asking for her help and support to walk through life and so that we can obtain abundant graces.

The legend of the Holy Rosary ...

The legend indicates that in the year 1208 the Virgin Mary appeared to Santo Domingo de Guzmán and gave him the Holy Rosary.

Then she taught her how to pray it and asked her to become a propagator of this devotion, through which all the devotees would be closer and closer to her.

For this reason, Montfort erected the first chapel dedicated to this dedication. But when his devotion began to decline again, the image of Mary appeared to Blessed Alano de la Rupe and asked him to revive it, and to write a book integrating within it all the miracles related to the Rosary.

«Give me an army that prays the Rosary and I will conquer the world«

Thus, many faithful decided to always wear a Rosary to pray to Mary, Mother of God.

And perhaps the most notable episode is the "Battle of Lepanto" on October 7, 1571, when a coalition of Christian troops and naval forces confronted the navy of the Ottoman Turkish Empire with the purpose of stopping its expansionist advances in the West and regain sovereignty around the Mediterranean.

But before the great number of enemies, the Christians before the battle entrusted themselves to the Virgin and prayed the Holy Rosary.

Image of the Virgin of the Rosary
Image of the Virgin of the Rosary

It is said that they put so much faith in their prayers that, thanks to the Virgin, they obtained a resounding victory. The triumph was later attributed to the intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Also Pope Saint Pius V, in gratitude to the Virgin Mary, instituted the feast of the "Virgin of Victories" on the first Sunday of October and añagave the title of “Help of Christians” to the litanies to the Mother of God.

Likewise, Pope Gregory XIII changed the name of the Festival to "Our Lady of the Rosary"; and Clement XI extended the celebration to the entire Western Church.

For his part, Saint Pius X set the Feast for October 7 and said the famous phrase that appears in many Churches around the world:  

"Give me an army that prays the Rosary and I will defeat the world."

Celebration to the Virgin of the Rosary

Prayer to Our Lady of the Rosary

The celebration of Our Lady of the Rosary the October 7It is an extremely important celebration for Catholics, who entrust themselves to the Virgin and ask for her blessing and her help, as well as her intercession before God to reach the heavenly kingdom.

That day is an invitation for all to meditate on our actions and how we can be closer to Christ.

Thus we pray in the company of the Virgin Mary, witness of the incarnation, passion and glory of the resurrection of the Son of God.

Many of the devotees of Our Lady of the Rosary, formed the Order of Preachers, also known as The Dominicans, who preached and taught the ways to pray with the Rosary and the virtues of those who did.

Promises of the Virgin for her devotees:

Some of the promises of Our Lady of the Rosary, for those who pray with faith and humility holding a Rosary, collected in the book of Blessed Alano de la Rupe are:

  • Whoever prays my Rosary constantly, will receive whatever grace he asks of me.
  • I promise my very special protection and great benefits to those who devoutly pray my Rosary.
  • The Rosary is the shield against hell, it destroys vice, frees from sins and slays heresies.
  • The Rosary makes the virtues germinate so that the souls obtain divine mercy. It replaces the love of the world in the hearts of men with the love of God and raises them to desire heavenly and eternal things.
  • The soul entrusted to me by the Rosary will not perish.
  • Whoever prays my Rosary with devotion, considering its sacred mysteries, will not be oppressed by misfortune, nor will he die an unfortunate death, he will convert if he is a sinner, he will persevere in grace if he is just and, in any case, he will be admitted to eternal life .
  • The true devotees of my Rosary will not die without the Sacraments.
  • All those who pray my Rosary will have in life and in death the light and fullness of grace and will be partakers of the blessed merits.
  • I will deliver very soon from Purgatory the souls devoted to my Rosary.
  • The children of my Rosary will enjoy in heaven a singular glory.
  • Everything that is requested through the Rosary will be achieved promptly.
  • I will help those who propagate my Rosary in their needs.
  • I have asked my Son for the grace that all the confreres and devotees have in life and in death as brothers all the blessed of the heavenly court.
  • Those who pray the Rosary are all my very beloved children and brothers of my Only Begotten Jesus.
  • Devotion to the Holy Rosary is a manifest sign of predestination of glory.

Prayers dedicated to Our Lady of the Holy Rosary

Prayers to the Virgin of the Rosary

Saint John Paul II wrote in his Apostolic Letter "Rosarium Virginis Mariae" the Marian prayer "in its simplicity and depth, continues to be also in this barely begun Third Millennium a prayer of great significance, destined to produce fruits of holiness."

For this reason, in that same letter, he included a beautiful prayer from Blessed Bartolomé Longo, Apostle of the Rosary, which says:

Oh blessed Rosary of Mary, sweet chain that unites us with God,

bond of love that unites us to the Angels,

tower of salvation against the assaults of hell,

Safe harbor in the common wreck, we will never leave you.

You will be our comfort in the hour of agony.

For you the last kiss of life that goes out.

And the last whisper of our lips will be your soft name,

O Queen of the Rosary of Pompeii, Our dear mother,

Oh refuge of sinners, Sovereign comforter of the sad.

May you be blessed everywhere, today and forever, on earth and in heaven.

Prayer to Our Lady of the Rosary to give us her protection and blessing

We pray to Our Lady of the Rosary for her protection and blessings at all times, especially so that she offers us great health and does not abandon us.

We pray to her through the Rosary, for our family and friends.

  • This is a prayer to ask for the blessing of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary:

Loved by God from all eternity, you came into the world full of grace and without the slightest shadow of sin to be the Mother of Jesus and our Mother.

When the angel greeted you in the name of God, you answered yes to the divine invitation, and the Word became flesh in your virginal womb.

Since then you began to live in intimate communion with him the mysteries of his life, and you became Our Lady of the Gospel, of Redemption and of Grace.

Next to the Cross you drank with your son God the bitter cup of pain and united to Him you deserved eternal life for all the redeemed.

The Holy Spirit descended on Pentecost again on you and consecrated you Mother of the Church. Crowned now in Heaven as Queen and as Mother of all creation. Your heart continues here on earth. In him we trust.

Mother of the Rosary come even closer to us. We ask you for those who have no faith or reject your light.

For those who do not have bread. For the sick and for the healthy. For those who live in anguish or suffer without hope. For the homes that rise and for the homes that threaten ruins.

Sanctify and strengthen the Pope, the sweet Christ on earth, the Bishops and priests, all those called to follow Jesus Christ more closely.

Light in their hearts a fire that never goes out.

Mother of the Rosary, join us on earth and take us with you to Heaven.

So be it.

I pray to make a request and ask the Mother of the Rosary for health

  • Through this prayer we ask the Virgin Mary for health:

Beloved immaculate mother, protector of all men, you who watch from heaven the life of each one of us and care for our well-being; You who came into the world full of grace and without the slightest shadow of sin to be the Mother of Jesus and Our Mother, I ask you to listen to all my requests today.

Mother of the Rosary, come even closer to us, we ask you for those who do not have faith or reject your light, for those who do not have bread, for the sick and healthy, for those who live in anguish or suffer without hope, for the homes that rise and for those that threaten ruins.

Oh, most holy Virgin of the Rosary, you who do not abandon those we trust in you, who are the most forgiving of all, the one who loves the most and the one who listens the most, do not abandon me in this special moment and help me with what I ask of you today. from the bottom of my heart: (you must make your request for health).

I, for the infinite love that I keep for you in body and soul, I ask you to mediate for my health and that of all my loved ones, do not allow us to suffer any harm, alleviate all our pain and help us achieve the well-being that we need so much.

Do not allow illness, bewilderment, apathy, and lack of spirituality to invade any point of my being.

Do not abandon me in this special situation, because without you I would not have the strength to move forward. Thank you for hearing our pleas, oh sweet lady!

Glory to you, blessed heavenly being who protects us with his mantle of love.


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