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Prayers dedicated to the 7 Powers to ask for their protection and protection

Prayers to the 7 powers

To the 7 powers of the Yoruba pantheon We come so that they offer us their firmness and protection, because by combining their powers, these Orishas can help us face any evil.

In the Yoruba religion, help is requested from Seven African Powers, conjugating the call through powerful prayers through which we can ask for your help in solving problems associated with health, love, prosperity and many other issues.

The 7 powers are the main deities that make up the Yoruba pantheon and are also considered the fundamental gods of this African religion, which is why they are also known in various regions and countries as the "7 African powers".

These powerful representatives of the pantheon also symbolize the immense forces of nature combined, such as the water of the seas, rivers, fire and earth.

Who are the Seven African Powers?

Who are the Seven African Powers

Let us remember who the 7 African powers are and although these deities are invoked for any situation in life, the main powers that represent them are:

  • Obatala, orisha Yoruba creator of the world and sculptor of the human being. It is invoked to request favors framed within peace and harmony.
  • The warrior Shango, king of the Yoruba pantheon and god of thunder and fire. It is called mainly to request protection against enemies and ask for strength in difficult situations.
  • Orisha ELEGUÁ., the Yoruba messenger and the one who opens the roads. He is invoked to request the favor of removing obstacles in the way that stand in the way of achieving some goal.
  • Oshun, Orisha of Love and also related to money. It is called when we deal with problems related to love and the search for abundance.  
  • Oggun, Orisha patron of metals and worker god. He is invoked to get a good job or have a good income, in addition to asking him for good fortune and firmness for our steps.
  • Orunmila or OrulaWise, Orisha, connoisseur of the secrets of the Ifá oracle, fortune teller and benefactor. Wisdom and clarity are requested when facing new challenges.
  • Yemaya, goddess of the waters, warrior and protective mother. You are asked for help to improve health and for personal protection as well as that of our loved ones. He is the one who takes care of the womb of women and fertility.

Taking into account the characteristics of each of the Orishas that are members of the seven powers, we must know that we can invoke them according to our specific problem, although just by dedicating a heart prayer to the Orishas they will hear the supplication.

But it is also good to point out that the prayer to the 7 powers as a unit becomes more powerful than its action separately, although it all depends on the request of the devotee.

It is worth clarifying that all devotees of the Rule of the Ocha (Santeria) You can request the help of the 7 African powers in a moment of need or gratitude, it is always opportune to know the magnitude of the powers of these Orishas and their preferences before making the prayers to invoke them.

How can we worship the deities of the 7 powers?

Altar to the Seven Powers

Before raising a prayer to the 7 powers, we must create a favorable environment for prayer and prayer to these powerful Orishas and thus ask for love, health, money or work, or whatever we heartily desire.

If you worship these powerful orishas you can also build an altar to honor these deities:

  1. Place a white tablecloth to cover the surface and on this place the image of the orishas that make up the 7 powers.
  2. Then you can place a candle of 7 colors, which are representative of the 7 powers. The different distinctive offerings of each Orisha can be added to the altar, such as flowers, food, drinks, among others.
  3. We can also offer them elements with great powers that generate good energy and spirituality, such as a bouquet of flowers, various fruits, brandy, tobacco or honey.
  4. To begin the prayer, we must light the 7-colored candle or a white candle if it does not have one, and pray the prayer at the 7 powers determined, depending on the request and the case.
  5. At the end of the prayer, the candle is extinguished.

This prayer at 7 powers must be repeated for 7 nights continuously and at the end of it the determined request is made, according to the devotee's problem.

Let us bear in mind that the main element of this ceremonial is the great faith that we put in the help of the 7 powers.

Prayer is a powerful resource that is used for the Orishas to help us overcome obstacles when we invoke them because we feel lost and in the middle of serious situations.

Therefore, their protection is requested in a single prayer that covers all areas of daily life.

The 7 African powers and their prayer of power, for fortune, happiness and health

7 African Powers Power Prayer

This is the Prayer to invoke the 7 powers:

Oh, 7 Powers that are around the Holy One among the holy ones!

I humbly kneel before your miraculous painting,

to implore your intercession before God,

loving parent who protects all creation, animate and inanimate.

I ask you, in the name of the most sacred and sweet name of Jesus,

that you agree to my request and give me back my peace of mind and material prosperity,

moving away from my house and removing from me the pitfalls that are the cause of my ills,

so they can never haunt me again.

My heart tells me that my request is fair, and if you agree to it,

añayou will say more glory to the blessed name of God, Our Lord,

from whom we have received the promise to ask and it will be given to you

So be it in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

Listen to me, Chango! Listen to me, Oshún! Attend to me Yemayá!

Look at me with good eyes, Obatala! Don't abandon me, Oggún!

Be auspicious, Orula! Intercede for me Eleggúa!

Grant me what I ask of you, through the intercession of the Seven African Powers!

Oh, Holy Christ of Olofín! Blessed are you forever and ever.


Invoking the 7 African Powers for Love

One of the most common requests made by the faithful to African deities is to find or retain love. And at the 7 powers, we can invoke them to help us with these problems.

This is the prayer to ask them to help us find love:

Invoking in the first place your sacred name God the Father,

I invoke you in the name of your holy Son and of the holy Holy Spirit,

I ask you to grant me permission and knowledge to work

in this hour, moment and place on spiritual paths,

to be able to invoke the name of the 7 Powers,

that you are next to the Saint and among the Saints.

Oh my mighty saints, I kneel before you,

to beg his mediation before the great Power of God.

I turn to you, oh great loving Father, to give us protection,

I invoke your strength and power in the name of Sweet Jesus.

With all my heart I implore you,

to attend to my request with great urgency:

grant me powerful 7 powers,

may the love of a couple come into my life,

that he never leaves and that he loves me,

that my offering will be taken from its honeys.

I ask you in this sacred moment to fill my spirit with peace,

I want stability, sentimental good and material prosperity.

I start with Chango to protect me from my enemies,

I continue with you goddess Ochún so that you help to progress,

Guide my steps your powerful Yemayá,

Deliver my mighty ways Obatala from all evil,

Never leave me alone Ogún,

And your Orula give me a full future,

Intercede for me before all great Elegguá,

Transfer to me your great wisdom, God Olofi,

cover me with your veil of grace mighty 7 powers,

and may the radiance they give off be my permanent guide.


Prayers for economic stability

Many people are currently suffering from serious economic problems, as a result of the serious crisis in which the countries of the world are mired. For this reason, many prayers to the 7 powers are raised asking for improvement and economic ease.

Money and abundance is today one of the prayers that are most dedicated, but we bear in mind that you should always ask for a job, new job opportunities and situations that allow us to grow abundantly, begging for money directly may not be a good way to ask for it.

7 African Powers Prayer for Money and Good Luck

This is the prayer to ask for stability from the 7 powers:

I invoke at this moment and this sacred hour,

the presence of the 7 African powers,

and for this I use these spiritual ways,

that they grant me the power and the full force,

to achieve all my goals and objectives,

being one of them being able to have power and fortune,

economic stability and many riches,

I ask you to please faithfully agree to my request,

that are translated into material prosperity and spiritual peace.

Today I invoke you powerful seven powers,

to the great warrior Chango, goddesses Ochún and Yemayá,

as well as you Obatalá and Ogún,

like Orula and Eleggua,

intercede for me before almighty God.

Keep my business, let it yield abundance,

I ask you with all my heart, Amen!

EThis is the prayer to the Seven African Powers for protection

We also pray to the 7 African powers seeking their shelter and protection in these turbulent times of disease and challenges. That is why we call on the 7 main exponents of the Yoruba pantheon to come to our aid and protect us from all evil.

Next, we present the prayer to the 7 powers to ask for protection:

I invoke in good faith the 7 spirits of fortune, The saints of the 7 African powers, to come to my house and shield it with protection, in addition to wealth and success,

so that they are always present in my life, O Seven Powers! I invoke and conjure you, you who are the seven divine powers, who have the power and strength of all the saints, I humbly ask you to provide protection to my home, my children and family, my business, my finances and all my life,

Hoping they can cover all my needs:

I invoke you Elegguá, you who have the keys of destiny, open the paths for me by eliminating obstacles, free me from all evil that appears in destiny and make protection reach us through the four corners.

O goddess Yemayá, purify my spirit, you who are the lady of the sea, purify my body, soul and purify my whole being, free it from evil.

Shango majestic warrior, owner of fire and powerful lightning, I beg you to destroy all difficulties and obstacles that do not let me advance.

Supreme Saint Oggún, god of iron, protect me from any action taken by iron against me.

I implore you almighty King Obatala that harmony and peace always reign in me.

Grant me, O goddess Oshún, luck in love, fill the hearts of any enemy with honey and transform them into my friends.

Orula you who are the owner of the four winds, powerful Orisha destroy all that work of evil, witchcraft, black magic and salt, and may the universe change in my favor to give me protection.

O majestic seven African powers! Grant me what I ask of you, in the name of the Almighty Olodumare, May the blessings fall on me,

So be it!

Let us always remember that if we pray with great faith and deep respect to the 7 powers and show them that we are worthy of their blessings, we will have immense support that will help us through the most difficult trials that destiny puts in our way.

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