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3 Christian prayers to Mary Help of Christians to beg for her miraculous help

Prayers to Mary Help of Christians

Mary Help of Christians holy mother of Jesus Christ we raise these prayers to you so that you grant us peace, protection and relief in grievances.

We turn to you protective mother so that you cover us with your mantle and sow in our hearts feelings pure and far from hatred and maleficence. 

Prayer to Mary Help of Christians to ask for protection

Virgin Mary Help of Christians may your most holy blessing remain in my night and day, in joy and sadness, at work and at rest, in health and in sickness, in life and in death and throughout eternity.

O blessed blessing of Mary Help of Christians who asks, receives and keeps from you and after obtaining it here on earth, take it to its last breath as a pledge of eternal life. Our help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth.

Virgin Mary Help of Christians accompany me on my travels, in my work and protect me from evils and diseases.

Mary Help of Christians give me your most holy blessing, you and your holy son for me and for each one of my relatives, on this day and all the days of my life, Amen.

Prayer to Mary Help of Christians mother of Christ to thank

Blessed Virgin Mary Help of Christians, refuge of the helpless and afflicted, favorite daughter of the eternal father, loving wife of the holy spirit, most blessed mother of the incarnate word.

We thank you for the countless graces and benefits that God has granted us through your powerful intercession.

Out of nowhere we have been called to life, we were born into a Christian home where we learned to pronounce your sweet name.

We have been sustained in existence to this day and keep the faith. We have felt loved by God and forgiven a thousand times.

We have experienced your protection and protection and we do not hesitate to call you our helper and our mother.

All our words, all our acts are few before the magnitude of divine grace, be you our representative before God, no one better than you to understand us and present our gratitude to the author of all good, to whom all power, honor is given. and the glory, now and always forever and ever. Amen Jesus.

I pray to obtain the blessing of Mary Help of Christians

Remember, oh most pious Virgin Mary, who has never been heard to say that none of those who have come to your protection, imploring your assistance and demanding your help, have been forsaken.

Encouraged by that confidence in you, I also go.

O mother, O Virgin mighty and afflicted by the weight of my sins, I dare to appear before your sovereign presence.

Oh mother of God, do not dismiss my pleas, but rather listen to them and accept them benignly. Amen.  

Miraculous saints who can always intercede for us:

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