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5 Short Prayers to Father Orisha Obbatalá to bless the way

Short prayers to Obatala

To Father ObbataláWe speak to him from the depths of our hearts so that he may intercede for us, separate the shadows from our path and from his hand, lead us to the light.

Obatalá in the Yoruba pantheon is the Orisha responsible for creating the entire earth and in charge of sculpting the human.

He is the father of both Orishas and humans, and is known as a pure and luminous deity, owner of everything white, king of all people's heads, the one who can control all thoughts and dreams.

Why is Baba Obatala so powerful in the Yoruba religion?

Obatalá is the son of Olofin and Oloddumare, and when these deities created the universe and the earth, they gave him the task of watching over their creations.

For this reason, it is said that Obatalá is in charge of creating everything that is capable of giving life.

  • This god is king and father, responsible for healing discord between men or between orishas, ​​bringing mercy, peace and harmony.
  • He is the only one capable of appeasing his son Shango and Oggún and preventing them from fighting.
  • Obatalá is undoubtedly one of the deities most respected by all the other Orishas, ​​who always seek him to intercede in discussions and act as an impartial judge of all disputes.
  • He is the father (Baba) of all the children of the earth and is the owner of all white metals, especially silver.

Obatala syncretizes in the Catholic religion with the Virgen de las Mercedes, protector of the persecuted and condemned.

Prayers to the Lord of Life What is asked of Obatalá?

Obatalá is an Osha who belongs to the main Orishas of head in the Santeria or Rule of Osha and offers to all his great patience, love and understanding, in addition to solving the confrontations with his intelligence, inner peace and calm.

He helps everyone find their way and appreciate every aspect of life calmly and humbly.

As Obbatalá is the Orisha Father who is asked for advice and consolation, he can intervene in many spheres of life and in all of them give his word and intercede for the afflicted person.

We pray to the white orisha to:

  • The tranquility. We call upon the Lord of the Yoruba pantheon to help us grow spiritually surrounded by his purity, his cry and his peace. Only then can we obtain that tranquility that we long for.
  • Health. Obatalá can remove all evil and negative energy from us, so many devotees come to beg him to restore health and eliminate the shadows of disease with his purity and light.
  • Love. Obatalá can intercede and show us the way to find the true love of our life, that other half that will accompany us on our earthly path.
  • Prosperity and abundance. As a father, Obatalá will ensure that his children lack nothing on their way to find their destiny. That is why he is prayed for better opportunities for job success and business prosperity. He will always attend to our prayers and will not leave ours helpless.
  • Drive away enemies. Obatalá guarantees that peace prevails in our home and among our family. Therefore, if we feel harassed, we can pray to him to remove bad energies and negative desires from our enemies. Father Orisha will protect us and remove the bad vibes from our paths.

Where and how can we invoke the orisha?

Let us remember that Obbatalá owns the elevations of the earth, so we can pray to him on the mountains.añas, his natural temple, or dedicate an altar to him in a quiet place in our house, which can carry silver symbols, flowers, candles and be decorated with white.

In that space we will place your favorite offerings, most of them white and unsalted foods.

Then we will pray to him with great faith, speaking to him like a father and asking for his advice in dealing with the various obstacles that stand in our way.

We must pray to Father Orisha with great respect and showing him faith and devotion. If we trust your help, you will listen to us and show us the best solutions for any problem we face.

Powerful and Miraculous Prayers to Obbatalá

  • Below, we share 5 short prayers to ask Father Orisha for his guidance and advice.

1. Prayer to Obatala for Love and happiness

King of all kings, great are you Father Obatala

Faith and charity are your bonanza,

Father of all the saints in the world, your emblem is peace

I ask my father, your blessing to find the happiness of love

Give me your blessing to continue my path with youañado for that special person who will share my life

Oh Father Obatalá take care of me and my other half, with faith I hope that you will help me to reach her

I trust in your protective mantle, I trust in all your power, sovereign redeeming king.

So be it

2. Prayer to Father Orisha Obatala for Money, to Open the Paths and bring Prosperity

O Great Father of Mine Obatalá, I come before you on my knees to beg you

That you light my way and allow me to get ahead

and thus be able to find the happiness that we all need.

Obatala, Great Lord, ease the despair of your son,

My Father You who are the Divine Creator of life

Guide me with the purity of your white light to be able to move towards a future of progress and prosperity.

I believe in you father of all white fabrics, and I honor you as my Father and my King.


3. Prayer to Obbatalá to ward off the Enemies and against evil

Lord Obatalá, Father of all the saints in the world.

Take away from me all nefarious attention that wants to stop my steps and stain my path.

Give me patience and resignation, to be able to bear any pain and learn to ignore what the bad tongues say.

Give me peace of mind when anger is my counselor.

Obatalá support me, you who were the first king of the world and despite bad wishes, multiply my happiness and blessings.

I ask you to be the one to protect me from all the people who dare to do some kind of evil.

I beg you to help me keep all my enemies away from me and my home,

So be it, Ashé

4. Prayer to Father Obbatalá to obtain Tranquility and Clarify the Mind

Father Obatalá, take care of me

Lord of all things pure, grant me the peace of mind and spirit I need

Give me the peace of mind to see clearly and speak honestly

Grant me peace of mind every time I head to new directions in my life

Allow peace to come into my life so that I can bring tranquility to each person

That gives me your clear and pure light.

I trust in all your power, sovereign redeeming king.


5. Prayer to Obatala for Health and beg for protection

Father Obatala, Lord of peace and light

Great father and excellent counselor, possessor and bearer of all infinite goodness

Great King Obatalá I ask you to be the one to help those most in need

And the one who provides health, luck and divine protection

I ask you, great king, never to abandon us

To those who have very little strength, great father, grant your power

You, father who have saved so many, I ask you to be the one who always accompanies me


By invoking Obatalá we can also offer him offerings:

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