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5 Short prayers to Oggún: Ask for health, love, money and drive away the enemy

Prayers to Oggún

To Oggún, God of work and sacrifice, We pray to him for better paths and new opportunities for professional success, in order to move forward in life with his support and guidance.

And it is that Oggún, Lord of Metals, represents the strength and work of humanity, so those who put effort into everything they do and understand the sacrifice and hard work that must be done to reach the top, they will be the ones blessed by the Orisha.

What powers does Oggún represent in Santeria?

Pataki the warriors
Oggún is represented in a metal Cauldron

Oggún, one of the most revered Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon, is the pattern of iron and contains qualities such as strength, work and both rough and initial strength.

He is the representative of blacksmiths, of wars, of technology, of surgeons, of the army, of the police, and of everyone who works with metals.

He fiercely protects his children and devotees from all evil and fights against all his rivals. Oggún is a powerful warrior, he is the one who ensures the paths that he opens his brother Eleggua.

It also represents the gatherer, the solitary hunter who knows the secrets of the forest and practices magic and witchcraft, and the sacrificial farmer who fights for the fruit of his crops.

  • It is syncretized in the Catholic religion with Saint Peter, the saint who in his hands carries the keys of the kingdom of heaven; He is also associated with Saint George, a heavenly warrior.

Prayers to the patron of the Irons What can you ask of Oggún?

Oggún is essentially a warrior protector of his children and devotees in Santeria or Rule of Osha.

It protects all the entrances of houses and temples and, likewise, the military, soldiers, workers, farmers, surgeons and all those professions that work with metal.

We pray to Oggún in many ways, because his help is immense, but fundamentally he is called upon to solve the following situations for:

  • Love: We can succeed in love relationships and get that person we want so much with the help and commitment of Oggún.
  • Money and abundance: We ask you to maintain a stable economic situation and to be able to have a decent life, and also to overcome a bad stage in terms of money.
  • The job: Ask him for better job opportunities. Oggún is the quintessential deity of hard work, so he will always guide us and help us find a good job.
  • Against enemies. Oggún is extremely protective and will ward off negative energies and bad desires from our home, envy, bad eyes and evil.
  • Ask for protection and health. The Iron Master will always fiercely protect his children from all evil, ward off illnesses and misfortunes.

We must always show Oggún our effort to improve, as it is the attitude that the deity values ​​in his devotees.

In addition, we must go to him and ask for his help sincerely, without hidden intentions and showing our resolve to strive and be worthy of his blessings.

How to pray to Oggún so that the Lord of the mountain bless us with success and prosperity?

The prayers to Oggún can be made in front of an altar destined for the veneration of the deity:

We can entertain Oggún with his favorite offerings, without forgetting the liquor and tobacco that the warrior adores.

But we can also pray to him on the mountain, his natural temple, or in a quiet space in our home, where we are not disturbed.

The Prayers to Oggún, the orisha who protects us from evil, are a prayer to help us in our lives and to open paths.

We propose 5 short sentences to ask for the help and guidance of Oggún, the Orisha warrior:

1. Prayer to the warrior Oggún to make a request for love

Let us remember that in order to have the protection of the warrior Oggún, we must pray to him with great faith and trust in his immense powers.

Great warrior, Oggún my father, grant me divine grace, may (name of the person) fall in love with me, may he not have pleasure or seek, until he does not come to my side and you do not grant him joy until he realizes he must be by my side.

With your tools of power bind our destinies so that we can be together forever.

To you divine saint of Oggún, I implore you so that (beloved person) has love and esteem for me.

In body, soul and spirit. Grant me my request my great father. Ashé

2. Prayer to Oggún for Money and Open Paths

Lord Oggún, Orisha, winner of wars and owner of all lands.

I ask for your help and your strength to solve those problems that torment me.

Clean my paths and give me your strength to find fortune and wealth.

Grant me and hear this prayer that comes from a faithful son of yours and a noble heart.

I know that you will not fail me my father, Ashé

3. Prayer to the Lord of Metals for Work and better job opportunities

Great Oggún, you who work every day at all hours.

Lord of the Irons, grant me this great favor that I ask of you today.

Help me find a job that is beneficial for me (full name).

I fully trust your figure, my great father, since work is your specialty.

I ask you for a good job opportunity to help me support my family and give them what they deserve, so that they never lack anything and hunger and misery leave my home

I know that you will not leave one of your children in this state. Thank you for listening to me great deity. Ashe

4. Prayer to Oggún against Enemies and against all evil

Great God Oggún, owner of all lands.

Make the negative intentions of all the people who wish me evil remain petrified.

I wish that those bad wishes do not affect my person (full name) or my family. Remove from my life the bad influence of those who represent a danger to my integrity and my family. So be it, my Father, Amen

5. Prayer to Oggún for Protection

Great Orisha Oggún, my Father, I come to you in this time of need

So that with your tools of power you protect me and cover me

Don't let any harm or danger come to me or mine

Drive away all those who wish me evil, I trust you,

and I ask that with your protective mantle you keep away from me

(full name) to my enemies, so be it, Ashé

Offerings and powerful works to the owner of Hierro Oggún:

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